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Moldavite (also known in the jewelry world as the vltavin or the Bouteille Stone) is a type of natural glass hypothesized to have developed in the aftermath of an asteroid strike. Around 15 million years ago, a spatter of hot glass thrown across central Europe created a field with moldavite. Unlike other well-known gemstones, moldavite was not formed by extreme heat and pressure underground. Instead, it was created by the blazing hot activity of the atmosphere as it obliterated an asteroid from space.


What Is Moldavite Crystal?

Moldavite comes in a variety of colors, including greenish-brown, green and yellowish-green. Since the middle portion of the 1800s, moldavite has been mined and cut to cabochon and faceted gemstones. As a result, Moldavite can be found in pins, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Mineral collectors and miners enjoy lovely specimens of rough moldavite, too. Moldavite’s extraterrestrial origin naturally appeals to many persons interested in different disciplines and pursuits, including spirituality, astrology, and New Age/mysticism.


How Is Moldavite Crystal Made?

The majority of gem-quality moldavite is processed as faceted or cabochons. Moldavite can be pretty valuable. However, Moldavite jewelry must be handled gingerly because the gemstone is fragile. The hardness of moldavite is comparable to modern glassware. It can withstand some slow stresses, but you can chip it. It has a Mohs rating of 5-5.5.

As a result, it’s best used in items like pendants, pins, and earrings.

However, you have to protect moldavite jewelry from pendants, pins, and earrings. Impact and abrasions are not good. There is no guarantee that the moldavite will be able to withstand these surface stresses.

Additionally, moldavite’s durability is insufficient to make it a suitable stone for rings, as rings are constantly banged on other surfaces. Designers should ensure that a metal bezel or some other shield is protecting the gemstone from abrasion.

Rough moldavite is frequently used in lovely jewelry designs.

The droplet, wire-wrapped components are frequently formed into earrings and pendants. Mineral collectors and meteorite fans also purchase rough moldavite specimens with characteristic traits.

Collectors frequently pay far more for the most remarkable specimens than they would have sold for if they had been used in jewelry.

Moldavite is thought to have formed in the impact event that created the Ries and Steinheim craters found in the southern region of Germany. This pair of craters is supposed to have been made when an oncoming asteroid suddenly smashed into two parts. The celestial bodies that collided had approached Earth from the southwest.


Moldavite Crystal Meaning

Moldavite is a stone that emits energy, and you can feel the heat it emits just by touching it. The term “Moldavite flush” was used to describe this type of warmth. The “flush” causes vibrations to go through the body, giving the user a gentle tingling feeling. Some new folks claim it’s a little overwhelming at first, and they’ll take off or take it out of their pocket if they feel “lightheaded.” When working with moldavite, it’s always a good idea to keep a grounding stone near to avoid it becoming too powerful. As you become more accustomed to the rock, the strength will become less overwhelming spiritually and physically.

Moldavite is well-known in mystical and therapeutic crystal circles as a stone of change, spiritual awakening, and personal evolution acceleration.

It is particularly active with the chakra system because it is a green stone, but its power may work on and open all chakras, enhancing any spiritual quest.

While some stones, such as rose quartz, are relaxing and caring, moldavite is designed to dramatically alter your life and propel you ahead on your spiritual path. This stone can undoubtedly aid with healing, but it isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something mild or making you feel steady and calm–at least not by itself.

Moldavite is best used when you’re in a good mood and want to expand your awareness, breakthrough any self-imposed limits, and see what you’ve failed to notice in yourself and in the realm of Spirits entirely. It has the potential to change things in life, so be willing to let go of whatever is stopping you from advancing!

Moldavite has qualities that aid in defense, self-healing, and even detoxification, in addition to transformation. In addition, moldavites powers are known to be aided by specific stones like rose quartz.

Healing Properties of Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite crystal healing properties are extensive. Moldavite enhances sensitivity to spiritual guidance, channeling, journeys, dreamwork, astral projection, inter-dimensional spiritual travel, and telepathy. It can also increase a person’s ability to understand different messages sent from the various higher realms.

Moldavite is a helpful stone for star kids and sensitive people who find it difficult to adjust to sorrow and deep emotions in incarnation on Earth. Moldavite, when worn on the heart, reveals the motives and reason for our being, as well as easing homesickness in those of us who were not born on this planet.

Moldavite’s effects vary from firm to subtle, depending on the individual, and it can aid spiritual growth by opening the Chakras to greater energy levels. Many crystal healers use moldavite to strengthen energetic links between the etheric domains and the chakras. When utilizing moldavite for mindfulness, maintain that you have a steady grounding stone around. Feel free to use obsidian, red jasper, or black tourmaline.

Moldavite is undeniably a tremendous stone, etherically fashioned of spiritual fire and destined for great things. This enigmatic green talisman was created by nature’s dramatic meteoric collision with Mother Earth. Moldavite, etched by force and heat as it plummeted from the sky, resurfaced altered, a glass of incredible sensitivity and grace ready to serve humanity.

Moldavite bears a powerful vibration as a Stone of Connectivity, a synthesis of earthly and otherworldly forces sensed swiftly and often powerfully in people who resonate with its strength. Holding moldavite for the first time might cause a burning feeling in the hand, which spreads throughout the body.


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