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Howlite is made from hydrous calcium borate that usually produces a nodule that’s similar to cauliflower heads. This porous stone is usually light grey opaque or white in color. It also comes with black, brown, or grey veining similar to a spider web. The material is dyed to blue or green in order to make it look like Turquoise, and it’s dyed in red to make it resemble a Coral.

Howlite is also known for its various names, such as Sacred Buffalo, White Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, Silico Boro Calcite, White Turquoise, and Kaolinite. The material is named after Henry How, a 19th-century mineralogist, who was credited to have first discovered it in Nova Scotia.

Why Do People Use Howlite?

Known as the stone of awareness, Howlite is said to give you the gift of enlightenment and wisdom that you need to go through life. It helps you connect to the higher realms and take away the things that block you from the realities in life. In fact, if you want to achieve a better understanding of yourself and of the people around you, and even life in general, Howlite should be your choice of material for jewelry.

Howlite is also useful when doing meditation as it helps you focus your mind. It promotes serenity and peace of mind while removing any distracting thoughts. The stone helps relieve your anxiety and stress since it’s also a powerful stone for calming the mind.

The stone is also effective at providing you with the strength to get rid of unhealthy attachments in life and emotional pains from the past. Furthermore, the Howlite helps you process your emotions and will give you happiness, peace, and contentment in various aspects of your life.

Howlite is a great stone that will calm your upset state of mind effectively. It’s said to help take away your feeling of anger, aggressiveness, and an unreasonable state of mind. Furthermore, Howlite helps eliminate thoughtlessness and selfishness and will prevent you from acting overly critical of yourself.


How Can Howlite Help You?

The energies that Howlite provides heal various mental and physical conditions. They can treat insomnia if you’re going to use it as gem elixir before you go to sleep. The gemstone can also relieve you of pain, such as cramps, and other types of physical pains. Furthermore, Howlite can help with the treatment of stress-related illnesses including anxiety disorders.

Howlite is also said to be good for the bones and can help treat bone-related conditions, such as osteoporosis. Furthermore, it can balance the level of calcium in your body and help properly distribute your body’s much-needed nutrients.

The stone is also good for the circulatory and endocrine system and can boost your overall health as well! It’s great at enhancing your memory and stabilizing your mood. Furthermore, the gemstone can help improve your learning abilities and is especially helpful for people suffering from ADHD.

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