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Using essential oils in lava bead diffuser jewelry is very easy. You simply have to rub a drop or two of your preferred oil to the beads. Dab the oil on your finger first and then rub it on the beads. Leave the remaining residue on your hands and inhale it to enjoy its relaxing benefits. Another way you can use the oil on the lava beads is to apply it using a roller bottle by simply running the bottle over the beads. It’s recommended to dilute the oil before applying it on the skin.

It’s also worth noting that the quality of the oils greatly varies depending on the brand. There are some brands that are purer than the others. If possible, avoid using poor quality oils on your lava beads because your skin might get irritated once the beads get into contact with your skin.

What Oils to Use?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding on the type of oil to use for your lava beads. You can take the time to experiment until you find the oil that you like best. Usually, citrus and peppermint are the best oils to use for a boost of energy. If you prefer relaxing oils, go for lavender. When using citrus oils, avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least 12 hours because this oil can cause photosensitivity and this means that your skin could get burned more easily.

Why Use Lava Beads?

The lava beads are natural beads made from a cooled down molten rock which is produced right after a volcano erupts. Since the rock has a pitted surface, it’s ideal for absorbing the essential oils. Furthermore, the beads are said to come with grounding and healing properties, which is an added benefit of using the lava beads in diffusing the essential oils.

Will Essential Oils Stain?

There are certain types of essential oil that could stain depending on the type of oils used. Therefore, utmost care must be observed during application. In order not to stain your clothing, apply the oil directly to the lava beads and keep the beads away from any fabric. Wait for a few minutes until the beads fully absorb the oil before you wear it. Use oils that are of premium quality as this type of essential oils quickly disappears without leaving any residue behind.

How Long Will the Essential Oils Last?

The period of time in which the essential oils stay on your jewelry will mainly depend on how much of the oil you will be using. A drop or two could last two to four hours. If you’re going to use more, then it could last up to 24 hours. Some of the essential oils that have a much stronger aroma are expected to last longer than the lighter oils. It’s important that you use something that you love and reapply the oil once again into the beads if you notice that the scent is fading away.