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Some people tend to avoid wearing jewelry simply because they hate the feeling of having to carry a certain weight around their neck, ears, or wrist. But people who are fond of using essential oils may be able to benefit from the use of diffuser jewelry that’s made from lava beads. These beads are made from Volcanic Rocks, also known as the Lava Rock. This rock is formed as a result of magma erupting from the volcano that has cooled down and turned into a porous rock. The Volcanic Rocks are said to cover almost 8% of the overall land surface of the Earth.

Using Lava Beads for Essential Oils

Essential oil users are attracted with Lava beads that are made from Lava rock because of its very pitted surface. This surface is capable of trapping and keeping essential oils. Another great benefit of using the Lava beads is that they are lightweight and inexpensive, which makes for a perfect material to use in making an essential oil diffuser jewelry.There are various ways to wear the Lava Beads, although most people prefer to wear them as a bracelet.

Putting Essential Oils on a Lava Bead Bracelet

Yes, you can definitely put essential oils to your lava bead bracelet and wear it with you wherever you go. This is what users of essential oils normally do. They will turn their lava bead bracelet into a bracelet that can act as essential oil diffuser.

Wearing the essential oil diffuser bracelet is a fun and chic way to enjoy the benefits of an essential oil aromatherapy wherever you go and regardless of the time of the day.

Although there are others who will choose to wear a diffuser necklace, many still opt for the lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelet simply because it keeps the essential oils away from getting into direct contact with the nose the entire time, which can be very uncomfortable for some people. In doing so, you will get a light scent coming from the diffuser bracelet, which will help you relax a bit and uplift your mood, depending on the essential oils that you will choose to put in the bracelet.

Can Lava Beads Absorb Essential Oils?

The lava beads don’t necessarily absorb the essential oils. Instead, they capture and hold the oils into all of its little pits that cover the rock. One important thing to note when making your own Lava Bead bracelets is to look for those beads that don’t come with a wax coating. It’s because the wax coating might prevent the beads from holding the oils which totally defeats the purpose.

It’s also possible to soak the lava beadsin hot water and then scratch its surface with an Emory board in order to loosen the wax. That way, it will be able to hold the essential oils better.

You can use any essential oils for the lava beads bracelet. Just make sure you dilute the oils to ensure safety.

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