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Turquoise is said to be the oldest stone in the history of mankind. It originates from the time of the warriors, shamans, and talisman of kings. This stone is known to provide protection and strength. Yet, it’s so soothing to touch and healing to the eyes that it seems like it’s a stone that was carved from heaven and brought to Earth. The stone’s beautiful shade of blue, sometimes blue-green, is now a favorite among people who are fond of precious gems. Furthermore, the stone’s mottled webbing and delicate veining that’s sometimes in brown or cream is inherent to the stone and somehow helps to enhance the stone’s character.

Uses and Purposes

Turquoise has long been recognized as having the power to protect people against injury. In fact, Turkish soldiers have been using it as amulets during the early times and would attach it to their trappings and bridles. Later on, the stone was used as a protection against any kind of falls.

The physical condition of the person wearing the turquoise is also said to influence the gem’s appearance. For instance, if the wearer is sad or sick, it will turn pale. When the person dies, it will lose its color and when a healthy person wears it, it will be back to its original luster.

Turquoise has also been found to be beneficial in the workplace. It promotes leadership and is said to assist in relocation or travel that’s associated with work.

Turquoise Healing Therapies

Turquoise is also seen as a stone for self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. It also helps release regrets and encourages the honoring of oneself. When it comes to physical healing, turquoise can help treat depression, panic attacks, depression, and exhaustion. It also enhances the psychic and physical immune system while supporting the proper distribution of nutrients.

Turquoise is also very effective in treating the respiratory system. It also helps treat allergies and lung disorders. By wearing the turquoise necklace regularly, tracheitis and bronchial attacks can be prevented. It’s also said to help cure speech disorders like stammering.

Turquoise is also said to be efficient at healing one’s emotional wellbeing while providing solace for the spirit. It could benefit one’s overall mood and emotion as it balances and induces a sense of peace and serenity. Wearing a turquoise jewelry can help restore the body’s depleted vitality and restore sagging spirits. It can help relieve stress and bring the focus back to the center of the heart.

Turquoise Chakra Healing and Balancing Energies

Turquoise can help strengthen the body’s meridians and the subtle fields of energy. It enhances communication between the spiritual and physical worlds. When placed at the Third Eye, it could help with meditation and intuition. Turquoise is a stone that can help one in seeking wholeness and truth. It also has the ability to stimulate and harmonize the Throat Chakra, and therefore, it helps one to easily articulate while unleashing the deepest wisdom.