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This article will give you more insights on Tiger Eye meaning. And the danger of Tiger Eye stone?!?!

Being a truly ancient gemstone, there are a lot of stories about Tiger’s eye’s powers over the years, and some of these stories have placed the gemstone in a negative light. So the answer to the question “is Tiger’s eye dangerous?” is definitely a big ‘NO’!

It is not dangerous, it never will be dangerous. Tiger’s eye, like the much-maligned onyx, is actually a gemstone of pure good, because of its strong affiliation with the Earth, Sun, and the elements of Air and Fire.

The three variations of the Tiger’s eye, red, blue, and green, have varying emphases, so you may also want to look at these and pick the type of Tiger’s eye that is going to benefit you the most. Today’s blog post will be dispelling any negative notions that people may have about Tiger’s eye, as we will be revealing Tiger’s eye crystal meaning, once and for all.

Tiger Eye Meaning, its spiritual meaning

Tiger Eye Stone Energy

Courage and confidence

The Tiger’s eye crystal meaning begins with its strong association with primordial courage and unending confidence. What we have here is a gemstone that has a strong affinity with the emotions and subconscious mind, which makes it an amazing tool for people who are suffering from uncontrollable bouts of extreme emotions whenever they are faced with challenging situations in life.

Search and rediscover your true self and spiritual self

The Tiger’s eye will help you search and rediscover your True Self or spiritual self. The big difference between your physical world self and your spiritual self is that your spiritual self is ideal, and is connected directly to the abundance of the Universe. What this means is that if you have lost contact with your True Self years ago, there’s a huge chance that you already feel a level of malaise that cannot be combatted easily.

Energy healing and cleansing can help you in this respect. Much of the struggle that people experience is connected with their inability to attain their goals and desires in life. This happens when you lose contact with your spiritual self, and your spiritual life languishes. You see, your spiritual self is largely your only path toward the Source of the Universe. Without it, people flounder in confusion, being separated from their True Source.

wearing tiger eye bracelet

Just carry a tiger’s eye bracelet can already provide physical and spiritual healing.

Using a Tiger’s eye crystal is actually easy. Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to be engaged in the spiritual arts fully to be able to partake in the bounty of crystal energies. Simply carrying a Tiger’s eye bracelet with you on a daily basis can already provide great benefits to your physical and spiritual health.

Clearing mind

A Tiger’s eye can also help clear your mind, especially during moments of extreme pressure, so that you can remain lucid and clear-headed when making important decisions in life. And life is all about making decisions, right? Imagine that you have a way to ensure that your life is going to be better because your decisions will no longer be tainted by extreme emotions like sadness, anxiety, or anger. This is going to be your best year, yet.

The Tiger’s eye operates on multiple vibrational energy frequencies. There are also three variants of the Tiger’s eye as we have mentioned earlier, that can be used on their own or combined with other crystals or gemstones.

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Like other mystical objects, the Tiger’s eye will work more effectively when you use it more frequently, and when it is constantly in proximity. That means as you keep using your Tiger’s eye to address your energy needs, the more attuned it becomes to your own body, your own spiritual energies.

Folks who have been using it for a longer time would be more attuned to it and will be able to carry out spiritual intentions more efficiently than beginners. What this really means for everyone is – today is the best time to start with healing crystals so your crystals can start getting to know you!


Using Your Tiger’s Eye

There are two easy ways to begin using Tiger’s eye crystal today.

Method 1: Through spiritual channels via creative visualization

Hold the crystal in your hands, visualize, and close your eyes.

The first method is through spiritual channels via creative visualization. So for this exercise, all you really need is to visualize channeling negative energies outward using your crystal. Simply hold the crystal in your hands, visualize, and close your eyes.

The spiritual realm will take care of the rest. The more frequent you can perform this exercise, the better. What’s interesting here is that many people state that they feel immediately better when they perform creative energy channeling when they use crystals like the Tiger’s eye.

This is exceedingly important if you experience this as well as it means that you are highly attuned with the crystals that you have purchased. Congratulations, if this is the case.

Method 2: Communicating to the Source through your crystal


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The second method is communicating to the Source through your crystal. Do you remember all those times that you wanted to do something but were too afraid to try it? This kind of doubt is a sign that you may be separated from your spiritual self. With the help of your crystal, you can try reaching out to the Source by asking it questions.

Again, all you need to do is hold on to your Tiger’s eye and ask your questions. The answers may come immediately, or later on, in the form of signs – peculiar events that would only make sense to you. The answers to the questions you have posed the Universe may also be given to you in the form of dreams.

It depends on how attuned you are to your surroundings and to your creative unconscious, where all the action happens in terms of spiritual communication. Of course, the Universe will communicate to you through your mind, and it would be no surprise if seemingly, you are ‘answering’ your own questions even if you didn’t have the same motivation or courage before. That is Universe speaking to you, directly. And you have your Tiger’s eye to thank for the amplification of your intention and questions to the Source.

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tiger's eye dangerous?

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