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Lava Stones are natural, igneous type of rocks. These rocks have become very popular today, especially among beads enthusiasts. Lava stone beads are often available in irregular shapes, which makes them alluring to the artistic eyes. Coupled with their porous texture, these beads are a must-have for most people today because of their unique style.

One feature that makes lava beads stand out is their size. They are lightweight, so you never have to worry about the weight when you have them on. It’s important to highlight the fact that while lava beads are predominantly available in gray or black color, they can be dyed to take any color the wearer desires. Perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people find them attractive is their price. Compared to other rocks like gemstones, lava beads are very affordable. Therefore, with these beads, you get to put on a glamorous look without spending an arm and leg in the process.

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Comparing Waxed with Unwaxed Lava Stone Beads

Beads are unique. At the same time, there’s an endless list of things that can be done with them. One discussion that most people have from time to time is whether or not they should be waxed. Of course, waxing gives ornaments a shine that makes the wearer stand out. The big question here, however, is whether or not lava beads should be waxed, and what the difference is between the two types of beads.

unwaxed and waxed lava stone

Different coating between unwaxed and waxed lava stone beads

Unwaxed Lava Stone Beads

In truth, there’s not much of a difference between waxed and unwaxed lava beads. It’s all a matter of impression and what you’re looking for. Unwaxed beads exist in their natural form. They are rough and perhaps smoothened over in the development process to make them suitable ornaments. Other than that, there’s not much more to them. They exist in the original color that they are available in; gray, brown or black.

Unwaxed lava beads also have a conspicuously rough feel. If, and when made into ornaments, they can be abrasive and will scratch you if you’re not careful.

Waxed Lava Stone Beads

Waxed lava stone beads, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. These beads have a cosmetic touch to them. They come with the allure of the natural unwaxed beads but are spiced up by waxing. These beads can be waxed with paraffin or resin products.

Given the interaction with the chemicals that are found in the waxing products, waxed lava beads are often available in different colors and shades, unlike the unwaxed variety. Lava beads are a highly porous stone. For this reason, they often absorb the material and color of the material they are waxed with, giving off a unique shade after waxing. Beads that are specifically sold for ornamental purposes are often waxed or treated in paraffin to make their edges smoother, and enhance their wow factor.

essential oils

Whether you choose to have them waxed or unwaxed, you must appreciate the natural allure of these stones. They are versatile and can be used as diffusers for essential oils.

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