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Nose studs are lovely jewelry pieces. These stunning and discreet ornaments are beautiful and can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. The vast majority of pierced folks have no issues wearing them. However, nose studs are considered ‘advanced’ jewelry, and nose rings can twist, get undone, or fall out from the nostrils due to the pull of gravity.

So what must be done if your nose stud keeps falling out?

When it comes to getting your nose stud back in place, the first thing you need to do is figure out why it keeps falling out in the first place.

In some instances, the problem is caused by improperly placed piercings. The jewelry itself (and how it was made) may be the reason, too. And in certain circumstances, the wearer neglects their piercing, and it slips off. One must know the cause before being able to put a stop to it.


Why Does Your Nose Stud Keeps Falling Out?

The following are the most frequently encountered reasons why a nose stud keeps falling out:

  • Incorrect piercing: An improper piercing could result in a lousy placement on your ear’s anatomy. You may need to pierce your nostril higher or lower, respectively, so that you may wear the jewelry. Alternatively, your piercer may have pierced you using a piercing needle that is too thick for a conventional nose piercing, thereby causing many nose jewelry pieces to be ill-fitting.
  • Incorrect jewelry: Another reason why your nose stud fails is that it is the wrong size. If your piercing doesn’t fit comfortably, it’s more likely to become deformed over time. This is why it’s so crucial to buy only high-quality nostril jewelry. If the endpoint of your nose piercing couldn’t hold the thickness of the actual jewelry, it will likely fall out.
  • Incorrect jewelry maintenance: You may enjoy maintaining your nose studs all the time. This involves touching the jewelry constantly. Too much friction can be terrible for your sensitive nose.

Nose jewelry and other piercings should be handled carefully – and sparingly. When you twist and turn your jewelry regularly, it may damage the sensitive skin around your nose. Please avoid touching your nose jewelry altogether as the piercing heals. Also, remember to blow your nose with care.


What To Do To Prevent Your Nose Stud Fall Out?

  • Make sure you first wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap before touching the nose ring or the piercing. To clean the region, soak a cotton ball in a mix of sea salt and warm water, and then use this to clean it. A sterile saline solution bought from a pharmacy can be used. The next step is to use a clean cotton swab to clean the piercing. Then, use the antiseptic solution you have chosen.
  • Now, check out the nose ring. Search for any indications of wear and tear, such as ripples, dents, or scratches. It is best to have a new nose ring if you find one. Going back to the piercer is the best way to handle any problems.
  • Although nose piercings are known to close up quickly, you still need to get it done soon because of the reputation of how quickly they close. Another option is inserting one of the piercings before placing the jewelry through it to sanitize it beforehand.
  • Instead of putting the ring on directly, feed it through one end and guide it out the other end. Then, continue to drive it to the other side. Do not force it if you feel any tightness and it is painful.
  • Causing scars or infections to your nose is a risk. Reduce the risk by going for smaller rings that can go through the hole without much of a problem. Wear nose rings as gently as possible. This, however, means you will have to get your nose pierced again. This is a likely scenario if you awake to find a fallen-out ring and have just gotten your piercing.
  • If you don’t have sufficient skills, you should go back to the piercer and have them do it. Don’t try to do it yourself. Some folks might decide on a corkscrew or a nose stud. Some might opt for a barbell-type piercing. Still, for a new piercing, you must ask a professional piercer to do it because the tip would have to be screwed into place. In addition, the nose tissue is fragile and can easily be damaged.


How Long Before It Heals?

In general, nostril piercings are done using nose-studs that come from smaller gauges, like 20 gauge, 18 gauge, and 16 gauge, although some piercers can do them with nose-studs that are smaller still, like 14 gauge. Consult your piercer if you are unaware of your optimal gauge size. Nostril jewelry in the same gauge as your piercing is necessary. Nostril piercings will heal in two to four months. Additional reminders include:

  • It depends on the wearer (and that’s you) if you want to keep your piercing for the long term. When you feel done with your piercing, you can close naturally by simply leaving the piercing open. However, if jewelry that has become loose is your primary concern, put on replacement jewelry as soon as possible, and experiment with various techniques for keeping the hole open.
  • If the jewelry doesn’t come out quickly, you can replace it after the whole healing period has passed. Do not allow the piercing to fall out. When the nose piercing is left open overnight, you will have no guarantee that the piercing will remain sufficiently available for your favorite jewelry pieces. It may be excruciating to try to put it back in by yourself if the piercing partially closes, so consider letting a professional evaluate the piercing first.
  • Each person’s recovery time from a piercing varies. A proper close could take many hours. While older piercings are unlikely to close immediately, we can’t say the same with new piercings. As a general rule, please consult your piercer and follow their advice. They know everything that can help to keep your piercing safe.
  • If you have just realized that you have chosen the wrong nose jewelry, you will need to get a new piece. Know the gauge of your piercing. When purchasing jewelry, you will need to buy it in the same gauge.

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