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Pendants are probably one of the simplest pieces of jewelry around, but they still have this timeless appeal that’s hard to beat.

Pendants for Women’s

The types of pendants that are commonly found in the market are:

  • Casual pendantsCasual pendants are iconic and versatile and are quite friendly to all kinds of jewelry lovers, whether the jewelry lover is interested in high-end designer jewelry, or costume jewelry, which is cheaper but no less stylish and fun to use in accessorizing daily fashion. Casual pendants are recommended for daily use, and they’re meant to add pizzazz to every woman’s workday, too.

    You don’t need to wait for a party to use nice jewelry. Just hang a casual pendant on your neck and you will dazzle people effortlessly. Casual pendants come in all shapes, makes, and sizes. Some are made with precious metals like gold or silver, while others are made from equally pretty but less expensive materials like leather.

    It is also common to find casual pendants in a variety of molds and designs that are not commonly found in fine jewelry. For example, common motifs in DIY jewelry include nature symbols like the sun and flowers, and you can also have designs like arrows, hearts, and geometrical shapes like hearts and the planets either engraved on the pendants or 3D printed onto them. The one thing we really like casual pendants is they’re very comfortable to wear and they can match most dresses and get-ups. Pick a pendant that reflects your personality the most!

  • Gemstone pendants Gemstone pendants are often wrought with precious metals and are embedded with precious and semiprecious stones like agate, onyx, ruby, and even diamonds. The gold pendant can be categorized under gemstone pendants as long as the material used for the chain is indeed made of gold.

    What makes gemstone pendants stand out is they look effortlessly fancy and beautiful, and they come in a wide variety of designs that give off a unique aura each time. The center point of each gemstone pendant is the specific precious stone that was attached to it. Gemstones have aesthetic and spiritual qualities that are attractive to people depending on the effect that they want to have on themselves or on other people.

    Gemstones also have different meanings attached to them, and these associated meanings often influence the women who buy the pendants. For example, the blood-red ruby gemstone, which is one of the valuable gemstones around, is often given as a gift to signify care and everlasting love.

    The unmatched blue sapphire, which has a brilliance to match diamonds, has been associated with loyalty in a relationship. The green emerald, which has been popular in many cultures throughout history, is now associated mainly with faithfulness between two people in a relationship. Now if you are thinking along the lines of tapping the spiritual benefits of different stones, just keep in mind that you should only use gemstones in combination as long as they come from the same family or class.

    There is such a thing as clashing gemstones or gemstones that do not get along because they represent different planets and elements. For example, a fire associated gemstone must never be used in conjunction with a water-associated gemstone as the two would naturally cancel each other out. On the other hand, an air gemstone will do quite well with a fire gemstone as the two elements are greatly complementary.

  • Pearl pendants Pearl pendants are considered essential in every woman’s jewelry box and have the ability to last for decades with little change to the material itself. Pearl pendants are often acquired because they bring a lot of positive attributes to the wearer’s life, including love, the attraction of wealth, and great luck.

    Fortune’s tides change with the presence of the rare pearl, and they are also used as a protective ward against evil people and evil intentions. On the fashion side, you can’t go wrong with pearls as they can be used for both casual fashion and more formal or elegant fashion effortlessly. Pearls enhance the natural beauty and radiance of the wearer and they are always in vogue. In terms of market demand, pearls have always been in high demand, as the radiant diamond.

  • Heart pendants Heart pendants are quite popular with young girls and women of a certain age because they have a timeless, beautiful quality that transcends age and the generations. Heart pendants are often given during dates, or when someone is about to propose. It is also an ideal gift for people who want to celebrate relationship milestones such as anniversaries (wedding or not). It can quite easily represent a sweet message such as my heart is yours, or will you be mine? We cannot deny that the heart is a universal symbol for attachment, care, tenderness, and romance.

    There are two interesting variants of the iconic heart – the half heart (where the other half of the heart is worn by the significant other) and the double heart, which is two hearts intertwined with one another. Heart pendants can be made from a variety of materials, but the best ones are made of gold, silver, platinum and are set with precious or semiprecious stones.

    Young and everlasting love has never looked this sweet, and that is encapsulated in its purest form when you add heart pendants to your jewelry collection.

  • Cross pendant The cross pendant is a symbol of faith and can mean different things to different people. Some people wear crosses as a ward of protection against evil, while others just feel content having a sign of their faith nearby.

    Cross pendants come in different makes and designs. Most of them are really simple, but there are cross pendants that are encrusted with gemstones and look really fancy on their own. Is it alright to give cross pendants as gifts? Of course. The cross has universal signification, and it can just as easily signify peace, hope, and other positive messages that transcend religion.