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Many people are drawn to amethyst powers because of its spiritual properties. An amethyst necklace would be the most appropriate gift for anyone who would like to use this gemstone for energy practice. The amethyst color is strongly associated with the third eye chakra, as well as the crown chakra.


Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

Protection Stone

Amethyst is a well-known protective ward, a gemstone that can provide defense against psychic vampires and energy drainers. Protective wards are also known for their grounding properties. Grounding is the process of reconnecting your spiritual self with the earth, which allows for excess negative energies to be drained away naturally.

Why do we need wards or protective stones?

The most important reason for this is that people are often surrounded by people who give off a lot of negative energy, and they absorb this energy without realizing it.

Once your spiritual self is filled with negativity, your mind, spirit, and body can all be affected by someone’s negativity. This is a huge spiritual truth that everyone needs to know. You need to protect yourself from other people’s negativity with energy repair and energy practice. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using gemstones for their spiritual powers.

Calming Stone

Amethyst is widely acclaimed for its natural tranquilizer effect on the human body. It is one of the most powerful calming gemstones in the world, and it can help accomplish the following for you:

    • Reduce stress and anger, so you will live more harmoniously with other people (unless they’re not doing their part in maintaining the harmony of life).
    • Balance irritability, so you can perform your daily tasks and not have to deal with an excess of negative emotions (which are often irrational, to begin with).
    • Neutralize mood swings. Mood swings can happen to both men and women, so keep this in mind if you think only women suffer from them. Amethyst is exceptionally good in helping dissolve negativity, so if you feel that your overall malaise is caused by an internal well of negativity, energy healing with amethyst might be helpful.
    • Suffering from a lack of motivation? Amethyst can definitely help you. Lack of motivation is often caused by an insufficient level of self-love and too much negativity. Now, what amethyst can do is it can also remove the negativity by transmuting this energy to love. You will benefit greatly from having more self-love and lower levels of negativity this year, and the transition can easily begin through energy work.

Used in Dream Work

Amethyst can also be used in dream work, as it is capable of helping people remember their dreams and can also help make their dreams more vivid and real. Additionally, amethyst connects people to the Source, which boosts their spiritual understanding of psychic events and visions. Now as you continue using amethyst, you will also begin noticing key changes within yourself: you will become more noble and selfless, and you will also begin gravitating toward spiritual and universal wisdom. All these changes eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment and happier life, overall.

Powerful Transmutation Properties

You may use amethyst if you are interested in transforming your life, leading yourself from the negative to the positive. This gemstone can be especially helpful for people who are suffering from social malaise and are unable to connect with others easily. This gemstone is capable of easing communication between people, which makes a great resource for folks who want to reestablish good ties with others.

Better Sleep

Tired all day from work?

Use amethyst to kick-start your meditation and improve your overall wellbeing. Amethyst encourages better sleep and also helps tone down excess energies from your chakras.

Physical Benefits of Using Amethyst

Amethyst can be used to improve a person’s physical health.

You can use amethyst to improve fertility, hormone production, and balance metabolism. Poor metabolism can lead to either being overweight or underweight, depending on the other conditions of the body. Amethyst can help in the regulation while keeping stress, anger, and other negativities at bay.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain from years of bad lifestyle choices, amethyst can also help reduce some of the pain while strengthening the various organ systems against debilitating conditions such as cancer. This applies most especially to people who are suffering from abnormal growths in their bodies, such as tumors.

What’s really amazing about amethyst is it’s capable of reducing growths and pains, and also works on different kinds of inflammation in the body. If you have issues with swelling or former injuries that cause pain and inflammation in the muscle or joints, energy healing with amethyst might help.

Additionally, since amethyst is a natural defensive and healing ward, you can be sure that smaller but no less painful issues such as ear pains will be remedied.

Amethyst is also an excellent supportive gemstone for individuals suffering from gastrointestinal issues, such as stomach ulcers, hyperacidity, colon issues, etc.

Can amethyst also help people suffering from skin conditions?

Yes. Amethyst has been known to be supportive of both the lungs and the skin, and may also be of help to people suffering from blood conditions.


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