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Which Crystals Are Good Matches for Sun/Moon Sign Leo?

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The Leo sun sign occurs mid-summer when life is full of strength, around July 23rd through August 22nd. When we go from Cancer’s contemplative energy to Leo’s extroverted energy, it gives us personal power and a strong sense of identity. It’s time to shine, and Leos is doing their best.

Leo Birthstone

Leo birthstone, or the zodiac sign’s main stone, is peridot. This stone is magnificent in green and warm sparkling and is recognized for its fun side and being a solid healer of the heart.



Peridot is dubbed the study stone, which means everything is concentrated. This lovely stone is brilliant and willing to assist the heart to wash away the possessive thoughts that Leo may refuse to allow.

Leo Sun Sign

Leos are personified by the lion, showing its robust and fearless spirit. Yet, even if their haughty, selfish, self-serving nature can be met, they have a loving, compassionate heart.

Leos is regarded to be a terrific leader and even more friends. Leos is faithful like their lion sign, always looking for their own people; therefore, many friends typically surround them. If you have a Leo Sun Sign, consider using crystals for Leo:

  • Amethyst. It offers Leo a relaxing energy that balances its dynamic energy without removing its passion and impulse. It brings out its spiritual aspect, which Leos frequently prioritizes, moving through life with full power. Shop our amethyst jewelry>>
  • Black Onyx. This precious black stone is a grounding and protecting element for Leo. It alleviates stress and bad energy and helps Leo sun signs overcome their anxieties and doubts. This gemstone of Leo also lets you connect to the pride and courage that helps you do great things. Shop our black onyx jewelry>>
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye. This healing crystal allows every Leo to understand themselves and to help them heal their emotional wounds. In addition, it improves Leo’s own authority and integrity and harmonizes relationships through enhanced communication skills. Shop blue tiger eye jewelry on Amazon>> 
  • Black Tourmaline. As one of the best Leo crystals, this black gem protects the Leos physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by transforming negative energy into positive energy. It is also a foundation for self-assurance, personal power, and physical vitality while lowering fear and tension. Shop black tourmaline jewelry on Amazon>>
  • Carnelian. This fiery gemstone comes along with Leo’s energy, helping its owner to become the most delicate version of themselves. In addition, Carnelian’s energy helps Leo’s grounding process, releasing them from their self-induced chains. Shop carnelian jewelry on Amazon>>

Leo Moon Sign

As a moon sign, Leos recharged themselves by socializing with other people. They surround themselves with people by partying or going out and feel reinvigorated in their rich sense of self. Leos like to be seen and appreciated and do not mind spending for the beautiful clothes they want to see.

For people under Leo Moon Sign, consider having these Leo crystals:

  • Citrine. As part of the Leo crystals, this healing stone brings positivity, energy, and joy to thrive. Leo moon signs are attracted to citrine since it can open up new prospects and riches for their side. It also removes the fear of judgment from Leos to express themselves as they love to do. Shop Citrine jewelry on Amazon>>
  • Garnet. This is a fiery red Leo gemstone particularly close to the lion that depicts this sign of the sun. If used, it can provide vitality, charisma, and balance and enables Leos to attain an emotional balance that promotes self-confidence. Shop Garnet jewelry on Amazon>>
  • Labradorite. This helpful crystal strengthens and provides physical and spiritual protection to Leos. With this Leo stone, people can settle on their intuition and access creative thinking while at the same time calming their minds. This gives them the trust they need to live their desired life.
  • Rose quartz. Since Leos tends to keep deep inside emotional injuries, Rose Quartz can aid in release those injuries. This Leo gemstone enables its user to attain autonomy and empathy for others, reducing their urge to control and improving their quality of life. Shop our rose quartz jewelry>>
  • Tiger’s Eye. This classic gemstone offers Leo confidence, joy, and abundance in its affinity with the sun and unblocks its creativity. It calms their feisty character by connecting them to earth, rooting them into the dirt, and enhancing their boldness and courage. Shop our tiger’s eye jewelry>>


Leo’s Sun Sign/Moon Sign’s Power and Behavior

Leo’s primary element is Fire that gives them outgoing, dynamic energy. Sometimes, it can be chaotic for Leos because there is so much energy to move and express themselves. As a fire sign, Leo can fight emotionally and face problems because they are so intense. However, if you learn to balance your energies, you can accomplish beautiful things.

Sun in Leo behaviors

Leo seems to be the lion, and those spiritual signs of Fire are the heavenly jungle kings and queens. You are happy to take on your royal status: A vibrant, theatrical, and passionate person, Leos like to relax and rejoice. These lions are natural leaders and enjoy building artistically and creatively inspired friendships and romances.

Leo is governed by the sun, the brilliant heavenly body governing life and vitality. The sun never goes back, and Leos is also famous for its stability, fidelity, and coherence. They are committed friends and lovers that put all relationships with their hearts.

They can suffer from ego, pride, and envy when they begin to fear that their star power will be eclipsed. For the heavenly lions, it is crucial to remember that their light is never dimmed by others. The excellent brightness of the success of others does nothing for them.

Moon in Leo behaviors

Moon signs are a fundamental component of astrology. Our moon sign provides us a sense of our instinctive nature. Knowing about your moon sign, we can determine why we react to individuals or situations in the knee-jerk way we do. It also illuminates less self-evident moods and characteristics.

With the moon in Leo’s dramatic, generous, and fun-loving sign, you probably have an instinctive need to approach life from a place of excitement, passion, and creativity. Leo is a sign of Fire, and so is inspiration and spirit. You are likely to be warm, generous, and innately confident at an emotional level.

Leo is also a fixed sign, which implies tenacity and constancy. Moon in Leo can count on your loyalty and support level. Fire signs are recognized for excess energy, and you may always be ready to show the abundance of emotional warmth to those close and dear to you.


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