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Agate is a known stabilizer and is perfect for individuals who need psychic and spiritual support on most days.

Blue agate meaning specifically is tranquility and balance, which is necessary for people who struggle with balancing their psychic energies daily, either because of stress, or just because they are not properly grounded. Additionally, agate is extremely beautiful, with its concentric bands that sometimes alternate opaque and translucent minerals.

Ome agate even has parallel silica bands that make light reflect beautifully along its ridges. A type of chalcedony, agate continues to inspire jewelry makers and crystal healing practitioners around the world with its unique physical and metaphysical properties.

Meaning of Agate

Agate has been in use since ancient times, and it has its lore and associations. It has been used by the ancient Egyptians, as well as many ancient Islamic cultures. The meaning of agate has evolved. However, it has had the best reputation because it was used for the longest time as a ward against evil, natural calamities, and human tragedies.

Agate is associated with healing and protection and is a great gift for anyone whom you would like to keep safe. It is also an excellent warding stone for people who suffer constantly from negative emotions, energies, and have poor handling of anger.

Healing Properties of Agate

Compared to ruby, onyx, sapphire, and other popular stones in the gemstone kingdom, the agate has been found to transmit vibrational energy at a gentler, calmer, and lower frequency.

As the frequency is lower and gentler, it is a good starting stone for any person who is just getting started with crystal energy healing or just general energy healing (using various tools, not just gemstones).

  1. Agate may be used in grounding. What is grounding? Grounding is reconnecting a person to the earth, so that excess negative energy is siphoned off to keep the person as healthy as possible.Grounding is the first step in the process of phasing off negativity from one’s life, and then using a defensive ward like agate can help keep the negative energies off for good by keeping the ward close to the body, especially in environments (like the workplace) where too much negativity is common.
  1. Use agate to calibrate your mind, senses, and energies. Calibration refers to the process of removing excesses and energizing the centers that may have been underpowered due to imbalance. In some cases, chakras may become overloaded with energy (which causes illness) or underpowered (which can also cause problems).
  1. Blue agate is particularly helpful for individuals who have trouble speaking their minds or communicating how they feel. The study of chakras shows us that when a chakra is blocked, or the person is unable to utilize it properly, there are severe impacts on life that simply cannot be ignored. For example, if the throat chakra has been blocked for years,  the affected individual may feel that he has no influence over the affairs at work or home, and this may cascade into other parts of his life, and cause problems. Healing gemstones can help bring balance to aspects of people’s lives that may not have been taken care of properly all these years.Those suffering from an overloaded or blocked throat chakra may also have problems receiving input or listening to others. As this chakra is associated with human communication in general, using blue agate just might end a lot of issues associated with a problematic throat chakra.
  1. Are you suffering from heightened levels of stress or anxiety? Agate’s gentle and calming vibrational energies just might help. Agate helps control stress by improving the energy flow of the body. This prevents panic attacks and feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless. Energy re-centering is critical for people who feel panicked and stressed all the time. We recommend using any agate type and using it in regular meditation sessions throughout the day. Meditation with healing crystals is easy: just wear or hold the crystal, get into a seated lotus position, and start taking controlled breaths. You will feel soothing universal energy flowing through you, with the help of the crystal you are using.
  1. Moss agate, the agate that is linked to nature’s brilliance, is used specifically for overcoming ailments associated with substance abuse. We’re talking about common problem substances like painkillers, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. While overcoming substance abuse is both a medical and practical endeavor, using moss agate and related earth-toned healing crystals can help channel the necessary energy to overcome substance pangs and the desire to go back to bad habits.Moss agate affects the heart chakra and provides courage and resoluteness to improve one’s life, and a steady stream of energy to this chakra can help a person stay grounded and strong, which can greatly help in anyone undergoing detoxification and recovery from substance abuse.
  1. If you happen to see a type of agate that looks like it has a flower growing inside of it, rejoice – you have a flower agate. Flower agates are special because they are considered kick-starting healing crystals. Let us explain: a lot of people try crystal healing with a single intent in mind – they want to start anew; they want to end bad habits and other issues affecting them for a long time. What this means is they need transformative healing crystals that can give them that necessary to push or nudge to try new habits and turn their lives around.Flower agates and a select few other gemstones are gentle and powerful enough to help people start anew. The process of transformation needs to be gentle but consistent, so people can find the power within themselves to change for the better.

    Gemstones like flower agate can also help evoke powerful emotions related to growth and positive change, which can be enough for many people to turn their backs against harmful habits. If you have ever wanted to grow to your full potential, try a transformative route in crystal healing and you might be surprised at the results.


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