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We wear heavy earrings as a form of a statement. The essence of large, bulky ornaments is about standing out and have an external manifestation of who we are. Lovely earrings serve as a declaration of elegance during an ensemble. Unfortunately, while it provides a unique flair during special events, these big earrings tend to be weighty, leading to a good scene.

If you wear heavy earrings, you know the paint of having it attached to your earlobes the whole day. The place where it carries all the pain is the lobes since this is where the chunky ornaments are attached. Heavy earrings tend to weigh down, causing discomfort and anguish after a while.

When done for a long time, you end up drooping earlobes. Several techniques keep heavy earrings from straining over your delicate gloves and creating discomfort if you are not willing to miss this trend. Wearing heavy earrings is entirely doable without sacrificing comfort and safety.

How To Wear Heavy Earrings That Will Not Hurt Your Ear Lobes?

wearing heavy earrings

1. Distribute The Heavy Earrings’ Weight

It has been possible to make heavy earrings comfortable through the ingenuity that is shown in modern times. While ear lifts are marketed to provide ear support, other creative materials like support patches, surgical tape, and bobby pins are introduced. This can make you wear heavy earrings without internal assistance.

Use ear lift

The simplest option to tackle this problem is to have earlobe support. Ear lifts’ aim is to distribute the weight equally so that not everything is concentrated in one spot, which is the problem.

  • Ear lifts repair a drop usual for heavy earrings, regardless of whether you wear stubs or hanging earrings. However, you still need to know the appropriate ear lift for you. Find out how large the holes in the back can accommodate the pillars your earrings have.
  • Besides the post size, inspect the sort of metal used by the manufacturer to build the backrests. Stainless steel, which is primarily hypoallergenic, is a regularly used metal. Go to surgical materials that do not contain irritants such as nickel.
earring backs for heavy earrings

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Use support patches

Another convenient approach to make heavy earrings more comfortable is to wear patches. They are made particularly for those with extended or ripped piercings and lobes. You just pick a piece and put it behind the ear that gives the ear strength and support even when you wear large, heavy earrings.

  • Patches are supported in several styles, but the use is the same. You tap it on the back of your ear and pierce it. Thus, the weight of the earring is divided evenly.
  • Put the sticky patch on your ear’s back to hide the pierced hole. Then put your earring in position, push it through the patch, and secure the earring.
  • This product does not pull the earring on your earrings. As a result, you are more relaxed throughout the day, and your lobes are less inclined to spread out. These patches can also be used if your earlobes are already stretched out.


Use surgical tapes

If you don’t have shop-purchased support patches, you don’t have to worry. A surgical tape can also help. The surgical tape provides additional support so that the perforated hole does not handle all of the weight of your big earrings. In addition, it is skin-friendly and will not irritate your skin.

  • Cut about an inch length (2.5 centimeters) of surgical tape and roll the sticky side outside. Then, take a little and wrap it up with the sticky side.
  • Place the rolled surgical tape in the back of your ears. Next, put the surgical tape behind your ear to ensure that the piercing hole is fully covered.


Use a bobby pin and thread

  • Use a pin and thread to crochet your hair with the weight of the earring. Cut out a cord that is 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 centimeters) and loop it around a bobby pin so that the ends are even.
  • Knot the 2-inched (5.1 centimeters) line down from the bobby pin and clip the excess thread underneath the knot. Next, insert the earring and fix the line around the back of the earring.
  • Place the pin in the hair as high as the earring does not pull your earring any longer, and then attach the earring back.

View using surgical tapes and bobby pin with thread to wear the heavy earrings (from Crystal Clues @Youtube)

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2. Wear Your Earrings For Short Periods

If this approach is still uncomfortable, another option may be considered. For brief periods wear thick earrings to prevent too much pain. The longer you wear the earrings, the more your earrings pull. Keep in mind that you plan your tool for the day because you may only want to wear heavy earrings for a couple of hours.

  • Remove your earrings if you do something to pull them on. For example, removing your top can snap and yank on an earring. Or, exercising while wearing large earrings may make it tougher to pull your earrings. Toddlers and kids could try to remove huge earrings.
  • You may also take away your earrings before sleeping to avoid your earrings stretching out. As you jump and turn, you could catch your earrings in a pillowcase or place unnecessary pressure on your piercing. Take time to get rid of them and put them away before you go to sleep.
  • Apply numbing cream to your earlobes to prevent soreness. Numbing cream like lidocaine can be purchased over-the-counter, which could help ease the pain, so you feel more comfortable. Always read and follow the directions carefully.

how to wear heavy earrings.


Consider Switching With Lightweight Earrings

Without sacrificing your own comfort, you can obtain the look that you desire by using this technique. It is advisable to choose lighter earrings regardless of how ‘cheap’ they are. There is a broad selection of hollow wood earrings, or even lightweight materials, which don’t cause discomfort no matter how long you wear them.

  • Instead of wearing large earrings made of heavy materials, you can consider lightweight variants like light wood, clay, and plastic. Convert to lightweight earrings so that your ears will not hurt. On the other hand, look for oversized earrings made with lightweight materials if you love incorporating them with your style while reducing the pain from your side.
  • The thing with heavy earrings is that is can damage your lobes for a permanent period. Also, turning large, heavy earrings into a habit will result in the sad, not quite appealing earlobe piercing drop.
  • If you have earlobe damage already, you can benefit considerably from the ear support choices provided. Otherwise, you may get minor surgery on your earlobes if you have the funds. It entails adding fillers that reinforce the earlobe, making it more complete and more robust enough to easily handle heavy earrings.

But if you don’t want to pursue that road, remember to take heavy earrings off as quickly as possible.

how to Wear Heavy Earrings

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