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Among the many gemstones names that have been spoken by jewelers and gemologists, four names stand out the most because of their rarity and value. In addition to gemstones’ meanings that we reference when we buy our jewelry, these four gemstones top the charts because they are so hard to come by, and there is very little global production, annually. We have included gemstones prices on the list, including the gemstone price in the USA.

# 1: Jadeite

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Jadeite is the most flawless gemstone in the jade family and is highly prized in countries like China where it has played a vital role in ancient culture and religion. It is one of the two main forms of jade and is called imperial jade.

Imperial jade/jadeite can be slightly transparent to opaque. Its physical structure is compact and there is the presence of veins and some nodule formation across the jadeite. It has a glassy luster and the pitting revealed after processing and polishing can show variability in hardness.

The variety of colors of jadeite is actually due to small impurities that come about during its natural formation. Minerals like calcium can give jadeite beautiful colors like white, brown, and apple green.

Jadeite is extremely rare and is usually found when there are geological upheavals that push the gemstone deposits to the surface of the earth. Imperial jade has been mined in Russia, Guatemala, Japan, California, and Kazakhstan.

Jadeite represents authority and prestige, especially back in ancient China. The most remarkable jadeite jewel sold in America is the Hutton-Midivani Necklace, which sold for $27.44 million. The buyer was the jewelry giant Cartier, who actually originally designed the jadeite necklace. Based on the current prices, jadeite fetches $3 million per carat in the modern market for fine jewelry.

# 2: Ruby

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Often associated with life and fire because of its deep red color, the venerable ruby is a well-respected gemstone that continues to capture the fancy of jewelry lovers and fine jewelry collectors across the globe.

Ancient cultures have held rubies in high esteem because of its cosmic and spiritual associations. Just five years ago, a Burmese ruby dubbed “The Sunrise Ruby” was auctioned in Geneva for a whopping $30 million. The Sunrise Ruby is a 26-karat gemstone, which brings the cost rubies to $1.18 million per Karat.

# 3: The Pink Diamond

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Pink diamonds are the rarest of all harvested diamonds of them all. The total available pink diamonds globally is estimated only to be at 0.1%, so it is understandable that the pink diamond fetches a hefty $1.19 million/karat. The Sotheby’s 59.16-carat pink diamond fetched a mind-boggling $71.2 million.

The most perfect and most flawless pink diamond ever recorded is the Fancy Vivid Pink diamond. This particular specimen was evaluated to be “Internally Flawless” by international standards.

Why pink diamonds are actually pink is still debated (gemologists don’t know exactly why) but it has been theorized that pink diamonds look the way they are because of the extra geological pressure that they were exposed to the underground. Pink diamonds belong to the “fancy color diamonds” group. Specimens of diamonds in this group exhibit multiple colors, from blue to pink.

# 4: Blue Diamond

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Another exquisite fancy color diamond, the blue diamond is a legendary gemstone that is frequently seen in high-end auctions in Hong Kong, Geneva, etc. The blue diamond exhibits all the characteristics of white diamonds, save for the presence of blue, which covers the gemstone from top to bottom.

This type of diamond looks the way it does due to the presence of boron in the crystalline structure. Four years ago, a massive Vivid Blue Diamond arrived at an auction in Geneva and sold for a record-breaking $57.5 million, which brings the karat value of blue diamonds to $3.93 million.

The blue diamond pushes back the pink diamond in terms of value per carat, which cements its place in the roster of high-value diamonds anywhere in the world. The blue diamond holds such historical value and prestige that it will continue to capture the imagination of the world for years to come.

Caring for Diamonds

Diamond jewelry is precious, and to keep them in top condition, we recommend the following:

  1. Avoid handling them too much, as they are natural grease and dirt magnets. Body oils can easily stick to diamond and metal, which can reduce the attractiveness of your jewelry in the long term.
  2. Use a mild degreasing solution appropriate for jewelry to remove body oils and grime from pieces of diamond jewelry. If you don’t want to buy a commercial degreasing solution, you’ll do just fine with water, toothpaste, and the mildest dish soap you can find.Prepare a shallow basic and combine the ingredients, and soak the diamond jewelry in the basin. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean the surface of the diamond and the metal. (Be sure not to brush too hard as this may damage the metal. Rinse and pat dry with any clean cloth.)
  1. Always remember to use only gentle pressure when cleaning all kinds of jewelry, not just fancy jewelry. Even costume jewelry needs to be cleaned gently so you don’t damage the settings.You also have to be careful when selecting the type of cleaner that you’re going to use, as not all cleaners are appropriate for gemstones. Some gemstones are sensitive to moisture, so you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the needs of each type of gemstone during cleaning time.
  2. For faster and more reliable cleaning, you may want to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner, which runs automatically and removes most dirt and grime from jewelry without damaging it. Just keep in mind that fracture-filled diamond rings and other jewelry may be problematic when placed inside an ultrasonic cleaner, as the device may shake loose the gemstones from the jewelry.