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Opalite crystal is undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic gemstones in the world of energy healing. Its appearance naturally draws people to it. But more than just aesthetics, the opalite crystal is also a worthy addition to any gemstone collection.

Whether you are just starting with collecting crystals or are an intermediate user with experiences to boot, it’s always a good idea to fan out and discover new gems that would add to your psychic practices.

In geology, opalite crystal refers to two things.

First, it can refer to common opal or opal that doesn’t have striking coloration. This opal type is also called natural opal.

Second, the name can also refer to any artificial materials that look like natural opal but are not.

The first one is a geology term, while the second one is a marketing term. Some of the materials that fall under the second category are glass or plastic; these are not even natural minerals.

Gemological data shows that natural opal is a newcomer, having been formally described only in 1945. The majority of natural opal is either brown or white, and sometimes they are not even considered gems because of their composition, which is mostly water.

Some specimens have notable inclusions that produce excellent colorations and superb polish. These are often cut into fine gems and have a higher value than more ordinary-looking opalite crystal.

The play of color of opalite crystal is not the most crucial facet that gemologists look for. We have to take into consideration their natural color quality and clarity, too. If these two factors are rated highly, then the opalite crystal is a candidate for cutting and polishing into the fine gem.

Artificial opalite or imitation opal don’t share the same chemical and physical characteristics as natural opalite crystals. However, what they do offer is an identical look – that’s it.

Untrained eyes will find it challenging to distinguish artificial opalite from the real thing because advanced manufacturing techniques have made it possible for resin-injected manufactured opalite to exhibit a genuine play of color exceeding what is found in the natural specimens.

Opalite Meaning

Opalite is associated with the calm and relaxing energies of the sky and water. Because of these associations, it is a natural aid for those seeking mental balance and clarity.

Opalite is also the perfect gemstone to symbolize new beginnings and the innocent happiness of childhood.

Opalite has been known to lift a person’s mood quickly, so it is a natural mood balancer that can work wonders for persons suffering from anxiety or depression.

The clarity that opalite brings will also help people who have trouble making decisions or sticking to plans. These problems are often the result of mental fog. Luckily, it is something that you can grow out of with the help of the right gemstones, like opalite.

Some people might think that opalite’s meanings and associations are “too light” and not worth pursuing. Nothing could be further from the fact. A person who wishes to pursue happiness and ambitions needs a clear mind to make decisions.

A foggy mind is constantly stressed, and as a result, the person may procrastinate in making important decisions. The inability to decide may give way to more stress, anxiety, and eventually, mental paralysis.

Opalite’s colors, blue and white, shine the brightest when a person feels the benefits of a peaceful and clear mind. A peaceful mind is a balanced mind, one that can handle the most significant challenges with ease. Are you ready to make your mind clear?

Opalite Healing Properties

Whether artificial or natural, opalite has metaphysical and healing properties that can help benefit anyone sincere in using the gemstone for energy work. It is tied to the third eye chakra and is a natural complement to natural psychic abilities.

If you are clairvoyant or if your sixth sense is well developed, having opalite can help balance the energies in your third eye chakra so you can use your natural psychic talents better. Such gemstones are also crucial for understanding why you were given these talents and what to do with them.

The natural, energetic frequency of opalite is very subtle, but it operates nonstop. Therefore, once you bond with an opalite, it will quickly connect with you so that it can align its energies with you. This connection is highly beneficial for creative visualization, meditation, and healing practices.

As opalite increases your affinity to The Source, it will also improve your ability to connect with others on the mortal plane. If you are not a spiritual person and you have lost your ability to connect with your True Voice or Inner Self, let opalite guide you back home.

Opalite can reconnect people to The Source because it works in removing the psychic blocks that result from years of non-practice. However, if you have only begun working on your chakras, you may have trouble performing unblocking and balancing.

You need a clear mind to effectively visualize the energies and guide them to each of the chakras. As we have explained earlier, opalite is responsible for clarifying the reason.

As you clarify your mind, the crown chakra is also uncooked in the process, and this creates a powerful, tidal ripple effect on your body’s energy balance.

When the crown chakra is unblocked and balanced, it immediately connects to the other chakras and gives you more control of what’s taking place. This state of hyper-awareness is only possible when your mind is clear, and no stray emotions fog it.

And finally, opalite has something to share with you regardless of your medical condition. It supports natural healing and provides strength and purity to renew the organs and the organ systems. If you suffer from mood swings resulting from any health condition, bring an opalite to help purify your thoughts and emotions.


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