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By definition, a pendulum is any weight that is suspended at a point. The suspension allows the weight to swing freely to and fro, and back and forth, depending on the type of suspension that’s been done. While we are most familiar with pendulums in grandfather clocks, pendulums exist all around us. Hypnotherapists can use pendulums for hypnotic inductions, but this is not the limit of its use.

What is Pendulum?

To energy practitioners and other folks engaged in spiritual healing or spiritual work, a pendulum is one of the tools that people can use to channel positive and healing vibrational energies from a designated source.

Pendulums are also widely used in divination and psychic sessions, where the practitioner asks the Source or the Universe questions, and the Source/Universe answers through programmed movements of the pendulum. Any pendulum can be used for psychic work, but of course, the best results are elicited from genuine pendulums.

What Are Pendulums Made Of?

Pendulums can be crafted or manufactured from a variety of materials. The most common type of pendulum is the glass crystal pendulum, which is lightweight and very pretty and is also adequate for the needs of beginning energy practitioners.

These can be purchased easily online and you can actually purchase several types of crystal pendulums to see which one works the best. For advanced practitioners of energy healing, the type of weight added to the pendulum matters because of the metaphysical properties of certain materials.

For example, a practitioner who is assisting another person with alcohol abuse issues may use an amethyst pendulum, because amethyst is a ward against intoxication and also provides general defense against misfortune and accidents.

A ruby pendulum may be used to answer questions about romance and intimacy because rubies are associated with earthly love and relationships. For questions about traveling, an onyx pendulum may be used as onyx is more attuned to the favors and fortunes of travelers.

You are free to experiment with different kinds of gemstone pendulums, but do remember that these are only tools in the end, and what matters the most is your connection with your chosen Source, and how attuned you are with spiritual forces.

For example, a practitioner who draws his/her powers from woodland spirits may well use a carved wooden pendulum, and this pendulum will bring accurate answers each time. It all depends on your spiritual force and how well you receive and transmit vibrational energies to the Universe.

You can definitely create your own pendulum at home if you would just like to try it out for yourself. All you will need is a piece of string about eight to nine inches long and the cap of a ballpoint pen.

Tie one end of the string to the cap of the ballpoint pen and voila, you have your very own pendulum. You can practice with this pendulum first, and once you get the hang of it, you can upgrade to a fancier-looking pendulum that is more durable and dependable during use.

How Do Pendulums help With Healing?

A crystal pendulum or pendulum necklace can help any person channel healing energy and detect blockages in one’s energy system. The healing occurs through the channeling of universal wisdom, guidance, and spiritual direction. The process is called pendulum dowsing and absolutely anyone, regardless of their experience with crystal energy healing or any spiritual practice, can do it.

An energy practitioner can also use a pendulum to pick up areas of imbalance on the physical body, so if a person is experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort, the pendulum can help tune into that part of the body and introduce subtle positive energy. Ultimately, the goal is healing and bringing comfort to the person in pain.

At the spiritual level, pendulums are neat little spiritual devices because they can bring immediate awareness to the person using it.

Since people are more attuned to what they can physically see and experiences, tools like the pendulum can bridge the unavoidable gap that separates spiritual experiences and physical or “believable” experiences. If you have ever wanted to get into spiritual practices but are stopped by your own disbelief or need for proof, now might be a good time to try the pendulum.

Below are guidelines and tips for people who wish to use pendulums for the first time:

  1. If you want to purchase a pendulum that is ideal for your energy wavelength and needs, take some time in selecting a pendulum online and pick one that you feel has an affinity or connection with you. Don’t worry, your spiritual self will let you know if you have hit upon the most ideal pendulum.
  1. A newly purchased pendulum may have left-over energies picked up from all the places it has been to prior to your purchase. A pendulum can be cleansed by putting it in a small bowl filled with sea salt, or by washing it with water. You can also state a mental intention that will unlock the pendulum and free it of any unwanted energies that may affect your use of it.
  1. A pendulum has to be programmed before use. You can program a pendulum by mentally stating what movement you associated with a specific answer (yes, no, or maybe), and demonstrating the movement. The pendulum will pick up the association through the intention and after the demonstration. Feel free to practice first before using it for pendulum healing.
  1. We recommend that you ask several questions associated with the first one to get as much direction or guidance from the Source. Human events are complex, and since you are already tapping into the realm from the past, present, and future coalesce, you may as well ask as many questions as you can.
  2. After each series of questions, remember to cleanse the pendulum by tapping it onto your free palm. This signifies that you are shifting the frequency and will be asking a new line of questions.