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Your boyfriend deserves the best gifts on his birthday, so we’ve taken the liberty of creating a premium list of 21st birthday gifts for boyfriend this season. These boyfriend birthday gifts are sure to bring to a massive smile to your boyfriend’s face on his special day and who knows? He just might become sweeter and more thoughtful afterward.

  1. A bouquet of manly goodies 

While we know guys who don’t really mind what gifts they’re given on any birthday (being the manly men they are), some guys will still feel a little off being given flowers on their special day. To avoid this conundrum, you can instead give your boyfriend a bouquet of 21 special manly things for his birthday.

Of course, you have the choice of putting all these stuff in an actual bouquet arrangement or you can put them in a box. The number of items will signify all his years on the planet and makes for a fine laugh because no one expects being given 21 different items all at once.

Some examples of stuff you can add to the bouquet are: socks, tie, wallet, lighter (if he smokes), cigars (if he smokes), leather accessories, hunting knife, computer accessories, personal accessories like perfume, and more. Just think along the lines of keeping the items simple, appealing, and functional.

You can also mix it up if you know what your boyfriend is passionate about. Obviously, gamers will like new game CDs, while toy collectors might find a few of their favorite Marvel characters in the mix a really sweet gesture. Again, it will depend on the recipient of the bouquet.

  1. Awesome food package

In the spirit of the truth that all men have deep guts that are always hungry, you can create an awesome food package so he knows that you are always watching out for him, and you don’t want him to feel hungry or famished, ever. An awesome food package should have a theme to make it really fun and interesting to go through.

Some examples of nice themes for 21st birthday gifts for boyfriend are: snacks across the globe, Japanese food items, Mexican food items, all chocolate snacks, all jerky and meat snacks, beers and spirits, whiskey, etc. The last two ideas are pretty nice if your boyfriend drinks regularly and associates drinking with comfort and happiness.

Again, we cannot emphasize this enough, you definitely need to align the 21st birthday gifts for boyfriend in a way that it encompasses what he likes even a little, so he will enjoy the gifts you have in store for him.

  1. Precious memories archive

Not all guys are manly men, and some of them can be pretty sweet and sentimental, too. If you have aptitude in arts and crafts, and you want to create something for your boyfriend rather than purchase things for him, then we’ve got you covered.

One of the more popular ways to memorialize the past is to create memory boxes. Memory boxes are comprised of writings, objects, pictures, and art that have something to do with all of the years or months that you have been with your boyfriend. You can make the memory box as grand or as minimalistic as you want.

What really matters here is that you are able to squeeze in all of the important details of the relationship to make him blush. You can also add special writing to the box. Some topics that you may find useful are 21 reasons I love you, 21 reasons why I stay, 21 awesome things that you do. Poetry isn’t bad either, so make sure that you have your poetry pen on the ready while creating the special box of memories!

  1. Adventure box

Deep down, all men have a huge spirit of adventure. They crave the outdoors. They crave nature, for simplicity, and being able to commune with the earth. On his 21st birthday, you can give him an adventure box. An adventure box is like a starter box for all things related to camping, hiking, and generally venturing out into the lushness of nature.

The box itself doesn’t have to be a box – you can put everything in a hiking backpack and let him just go through the things in it. We think it would be an awesome idea if you can include items like paracord bracelets, hunting knives, multi-tool knives, and other useful stuff in the box. Focus on quality, not quantity.

There are a lot of cheap and brittle items online, and these aren’t the safest to use when you are out in the woods. Your boyfriend will need high-quality tools and supplies when he ventures out.

This type of gift box can be prepared months ahead of a person’s birthday so you can add more stuff every month when you have the budget for it. Of course, we are sure that your boyfriend isn’t really picky but when it’s a man’s 21st birthday, you have to give your best because a man comes of age only once.

  1. Hobby box

What is your boyfriend’s biggest passion in life? What does he like doing? What does he like collecting?

If you have been with him for some time, you probably already know the things that he likes buying because he has a passion or hobby. Use this information to create the greatest hobby box in the world. A hobby box is pretty much like an adventure box, but it’s geared toward what a person really likes at the moment.

The concept is simple, but it works for everyone. For example, even if your guy is not really into hobbies like tabletop RPG games and only likes reading comics, you can assembly a mean hobby box for comics lovers by orders different kinds of comics based on his preferences.