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Every season in a man’s life deserves a nice gift set or gift basket. Not all gift baskets for men are created equal, so it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the best combinations to send your man to the moon. We will also give you ideas on some of the great things that put in a gift basket for men.

Gift Baskets for Men

  1. The manly golf basket

Right next to basketball, golf is the stylish and skilled man’s best friend. The game of golf is like diamonds are to women, and you are sure to bring happiness and delight to a man who receives the most perfect golf gift basket. And contrary to common belief, a golf gift basket doesn’t have to contain golfing accessories, though you are free to mix it up and combine items depending on the recipient’s personality.

An ideal combination would have things like delightful cheeses, a cutting board and cheese knife set, snacks like chocolate wafers, assorted nuts, some dark chocolate, and more. The bag itself is a gift, so make sure you add the nicest touch and make the bag something that he can bring to work so he can have his lunch in a stylish pouch for all the other guys to ogle at.

  1. The whiskey basket

Like fine cigars, whiskey is there during your man’s ups and downs, so a whiskey gift basket is an awesome reminder that there are better times ahead, and there is always a cause for celebration. A single glass of chilled whiskey is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s day. But what does a whiskey basket contain?

Well apart from three or four variants of whiskey (they do sell these in smaller, portable bottles), you can add some whiskey glasses, stainless steel ice cubes (yes, these are a thing) and maybe other manly accessories that match his mood when he’s had his fair share of aged whiskey. That’s up to you determine, what will make him smile the widest!

  1. The beer box

What separates the whiskey gift basket from the beer box is the fact that guys drink beer regardless of the occasion. It’s like a boy’s best friend, truth be told. So if you are planning to gift beer, you might as well go the extra mile.

There are three components in a nice beer box that make it truly unforgettable: one is a stylish themed beer bottle, possibly with the recipient’s name printed on it, the crate or box that the recipient will probably use a tackle box or catch-all in his garage workshop, the glass, where he can chill his beer with ice cubes, and finally, the bottle opener.

Now, the bottle opener shouldn’t be just any bottle opener. It should be stylish and should be themed like the beer, box/crate, and glass. The great thing about gifts like this is that everything is reusable, and if you give him something high quality, he’ll probably just keep using all the items for years.

  1. The personalized knife box

Men like knives, period. Knives are useful for so many things, and men like feeling that they are prepared for doomsday events. And one of the things that you will really need in emergencies is a nice knife.

A personalized knife box includes a tough, reusable crate or box (preferably with a locking mechanism), a folding knife or hunting knife, glass, and maybe a glass of his favorite liquor. Actually, guys will accept any kind of liquor especially if the bottle looks really nice. Feel free to add small items like cuff links and even a watch (not too expensive is fine) to customize the personalized knife box even more.

The emphasis, of course, will still be the knife, so make sure that the knife that you include with the set is a top-notch one. There are plenty of choices for knives online, and you can also use multi-tool knives like Victorinox if you don’t like the idea of giving a folding knife.

  1. The global beer basket

The previous gift basket we described emphasizes a customized bottle. It doesn’t always have to be that way especially if the recipient of the gift basket is a real beer lover.

You can create a larger gift basket with beers from all around the world and make the basket more global and appealing. For example, you can get beer from Europe, Asia, and the like. You can also add snacks to the gift basket to make the deal even sweeter.

Snacks like chips, jerky, popcorn are all great accompaniments to a cold beer. Add ten to thirteen different beer bottles into the equation and you have the most perfect gift for beer lovers everywhere. This scale of a gift basket is appropriate for most occasions, especially during the holidays when people are expecting really special and memorable gifts.

  1. Heavenly jerky basket

Jerky is a man’s universal meat. No matter what country a man is from, jerky is where it’s at. Each country has its version of flavorful, dried meat, and it’s safe to say that your man will be jumping for joy when he sees a whole box full of different kinds of jerky. Different meats and different flavors mean he won’t be going hungry for a while.

We recommend getting at least eight varieties of jerky and putting them all in a neat storage box where he can just grab and go. Jerky is definitely comforting food for many guys, and the flavors are all so heavenly. If you happen to find some gourmet jerkies that are hard to find, add two or three of these and you will have a man at the palm of your hand.

  1. Luxurious whiskey and cigars

Fine cigars are the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle. If your man happens to be a smoker who also likes flavorful whiskey, this would be a great gift for him. Make sure to add a nice, shiny lighter and feel free to add some cigar accessories to sweeten the deal for him even more.