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You can use a Leather Cord to make the most fashionable items for your personal jewelry collection. Leather jewelry has a beautiful, natural look that metal jewelry simply do not possess, and if you have been raring for a new look this year, this would be it. Time to DIY your beautiful new leather jewelry this year and make it your most fashionable year yet.

Soutache leather necklace

This is the most feminine type of leather cord necklace that uses a round pendant. Feel free to be creative with what kind of pendant that you would like to use, just as long as you can attach it to the finished cord.

For the materials, you will need the following:

1) A flat-back pendant,

2) 2 x 6 cm copper-colored wire that is .8 gauge

3) 4 pieces of square copper spacer beads

4) 6 mm jump rings

5) 6 cm Nappa leather

6) some copper leather glue

7) a bone folder (3/4” in diameter)

8) an awl

9) 5 strips of leather (different colors, you make the selection)

10) a pair of round-nosed pliers

Step 1:

Thread the leather strips through the eye of the pendant and apply some glue to the center point to secure the pendant. Your pendant should have a wire loop, and this is where the leather cords will be threaded into. If your pendant doesn’t have a wire loop, take the copper wire and create one. Use the resulting loop to secure the leather strips. Be sure to use your pliers to tighten the grip on the leather strips.

Step 2:

Add the spacer beads between the leather and the copper loop to give the necklace a nice color contrast.

Step 3:

For the opposite end of the necklace, simply add the jump rings and tighten with your pliers. Make sure that you have even sides so the pendant will be dead center when you wear the necklace.

Tassel leather necklace

Tassel leather necklaces have a timeless, classic vibe to them and they’re perfect for matching with casual and bohemian get-ups.

For this project, you will need following:

1) 1 meter of plaited leather cord

2) heavy-duty scissors (the ones you use for leather projects, not school scissors)

3) wire cutters

4) Nappa leather

5) some leather glue

It’s really easy to create tassel leather necklaces.

Step 1:

Cut a triangular piece of leather measuring 5.75” long. The base of the cut triangle should measure about 2.5 centimeters and there should be tapering at the top of the triangle.

Step 2:

Add some glue to the suede side of the triangle and fold the triangle in half (make sure it’s even).

Step 3:

When the halves have been glued together, begin wrapping the triangle around the leather cord around the middle part. The leather wrap will serve as the resizer or adjusting point of the tassel leather necklace.

Step 4:

Start from the bottom or opposite end of the cord and just wrap upward.

Step 5:

Cut two strips of Nappa leather with a measurement of 2” x 3.25”.

Step 6:

Connect the two strips of Nappa leather with some glue and wrap the top end of the Nappa leather around the two terminal ends of the wrapped leather cord.

Step 7:

You can begin cutting out the tassel at this point with your heavy-duty leather scissors. The tassel should be as seven as possible, and make sure that you taper the ends for a more rounded look, which makes the necklace look more sophisticated and gentle to the eyes.

Ruffles leather necklace

If you like the classic look of ruffles as well as the natural energy they bring when they are combined with other pieces of jewelry, this project is for you.

The materials for a ruffles leather necklace are followings:

1) 11.75” x 17.75” suede cod that measures just one meter (pink Nappa leather),

2) heavy-duty leather scissors

3) rotary punches

4) leather glue

5) 1 meter beading wire

6) two clasps

7) 4 pieces of crimps with matching covers

8) 4pcs jump rings

9) one foot of chain

Step 1:

Apply half an inch of leather glue on the pink Nappa leather. Fold the leather on the vertical side evenly.

Step 2:

Stick the leather cord on top, make sure that everything is perfectly center.

Step 3:

Attach the locking mechanism on either side of the necklace. You can do this by using the rotary punches so you can install the jump ring.

Step 4:

Use a pair of pliers to tighten the metal parts.

Step 5:

Use beads or pearls for this project. Thread the pearls and install the beading wire through the leather.

Step 6:

Use crimps to secure the leather wire and install the clasp

Step 7:

Add ruffles to the leather. Like the tassel necklace, you should simply cut evenly to produce nice-looking ruffles on either side of the necklace.

This project should produce a wider necklace with clasps on either side and even ruffles on both sides of the pink Nappa leather. The right side of the necklace should feature the beads or pearls that have been secured with the jump rings and the copper beading wire, which goes through the Nappa leather.


Some quick tips for people who have never worked with leather before:

  1. Not all kinds of leather are easy to work with, but often, the colors required for a project may bring you into contact with leather that’s tougher to cut. Our suggestion would be to just buy a cutting implement that’s easy on your hands and requires less muscle work when you are cutting.
  1. Practice sewing through the leather so you would know which needles and threads to use if you need to add extra stitches to the project to make the pieces more secure. For example, if you are using heavier ornamentation on a project, leather glue may not feel that secure. You can boost the durability of a leather necklace or bracelet by sewing instead of gluing beads and other items.
  1. Use a thick thimble when sewing leather, so you don’t hurt your thumb.