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Googly eyes have certainly remained in the popular imagination as of late, and these cute and silly craft items make frequent reemergence not just in toys and crafts projects, but also in popular culture. For example, Saturday Night Live’s “googly eyes gardener” talks about a man (Christopher Walken) who is literally afraid of plants.

The googly eyes gardener, in order to function and possibly conquer his fears, the googly eyes gardener puts googly eyes on his plants. This funny character is afraid of cacti the most and mistrusts a lot of plants. Imagine being that afraid of plants – that’s definitely going to be a riot!

Googly eyes emoji

People love using googly eyes emoji to express different emotions and situations. The most common use for it is still to express silliness and sometimes – being drunk. Whatever the case may be, this emoji is hugely popular with kids, teens, and adults, and we also see them all the time on memes and social media posts.

There are some other popular emojis that have seen a revival in recent years:

  1. “I don’t know” emoji – This emoji features a man or a woman with both arms raised, palms flat, signifying that they’re confused about a situation or event. Perfect for people who think that other people are absurd, or something to that effect.

  1. Mind-Blown emoji – This emoji literally features a regular emoji with a surprised expression, with its top exploding like a volcanic eruption or a bomb. This emoji is suitable for situations where things become surprising or unusual, and the user would like to show how surprised he is with the mind-blown emoji. This emoji precedes the GIF meme that features a man in a dark turtleneck sweater, motioning with his hands that his mind was blown. That’s how old the concept really is.

  1. Poop emoji – Who would forget how the poop emoji revolutionized how people made fun of each other online? The poop has a naughty face, seemingly making fun of the viewer, and sometimes, it even has a vapor trail up top.This emoji has been making the rounds for some decades now, and it is still relevant today. Like the googly eye emoji and the laughing emoji, the poop emoji has spawned a legion of fans and even merchandise globally, from shirts to toys like glittery poop slime. It is amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of naughtiness.

  1. Vomiting emoji – Another “oh so fitting” kind of emoji that people use constantly, the vomiting emoji is sometimes green (as if it’s ready to blow) or with a mouth wide open already sending bolus down the drain. It depends on what kind of machine or device you are using, but nonetheless, it is an awesome emoji worth trying any day.



Googly eyes 100 days of school

The 100 days of school shirt googly eyes are proof that no matter how silly googly eyes are, you can use it to make things cooler than before. 100 days of school shirt googly eyes are just one of many ways that people are integrating the googly eyes format to clothing.

The ones that we have seen online are truly stunning. While many of these clothes incorporate larger than usual googly eyes to make the shirts look even funnier, many of them use googly eyes as beads, so you have dozens of small googly eyes moving around all at once when the shirt is worn.

There are also sweaters and even caps with googly eyes using the theme of “googly eyes 100 days of school.” 100 days of school is a milestone, and definitely something worth celebrating especially for our younger students who sometimes struggle with keeping their chins up at school.

Anyone who has worn such a shirt will probably feel awesome because nothing is more amazing than having dozens of googly eyes staring at you all at once. It’s like being in an instant messaging platform, and you’re the message.

Using googly eyes in crafting projects

The main and most popular use of googly eyes will always be with crafting projects. What kinds of projects can you use these on? From the top of our head:



    1. Googly eye socks – If you have old socks at home that are clean but are no longer being used, you can easily use these to create googly-eyed socks. All you will need is yarn (for the mouth, nose, and hair), a pair of googly eyes, and some crafting glue.Crafting glue is awesome because it can easily bind soft yarn to the surface of a sock and the hair will dry, permanently bonded. You can draw the brows and mouth, or you can just use different colored yarn for these parts of the face. The great thing about this project is even the kids can help with creating them and they can be as creative as possible with the designs.


    1. Googly eye birds – For this project, all you need are colored plastic plates, construction paper, scissors and crafting glue. Use the construction paper for the feathers (each bird will need maybe 9-10pcs of feathers), and the beak and wattle.You can opt to make just a face for the bird (easier) or if you want to be more creative with your output, you can design a neck and head for your bird and then stick this to the plastic plate along with the feathers.The feathers should fan out naturally from the back of the plate (be sure to check the symmetry) and glued well. Allow drying before using your new plate birds as toys or decoration. This type of project doesn’t cost a lot of money, and you can make a lot of plate birds with just leftover plates and materials at home.