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Raw crystals are crystals that are not very well polished or not polished at all. They may have been removed from a larger crystal, and there may have been some essential refinements such as the removal of sharp edges, but on the whole, they do not resemble the commercial-grade gemstones that we are more familiar with.

How can you use these raw crystals at home? We explore how you can use them in an ornamental sense and in metaphysical reasons, too.

How To Use Raw Crystals?

1.Raw Crystals Decoration

raw crystals decoration

This is the most common method of using raw crystals. Whether you are fully aware of the benefits of using crystals for energy healing, crystals, on the whole, look beautiful when used in an ornamental fashion.

You can place several crystals on your bedside table to make your bedroom more mythical, or you can just put some on your office table to brighten up the colors. Either way, you are going to get immense benefits from using crystals this way. The beautification of spaces is just a bonus.

2.Crystal Planter

Crystal planters are simply pots and trays that have been reimagined with raw crystals. Raw crystals come in all shapes and sizes, and the ones used to decorate planters are usually bead-sized natural crystals. The effect is immediate and beautiful – the planter becomes encrusted in crystals, creating a scintillating effect when exposed to light.

Have one or two of these in your living room, and you are going to improve the aesthetics of any physical space in your house immediately. Since gemstones come in so many colors, you can make a DIY crystal planter at home to match your home, too. Raw crystals can be purchased only in different sizes and shapes, and you can mix and match these to create the design you have in mind.

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3.Crystal Dreamcatcher

Crystal dreamcatchers are ornate creations that are so beautiful; you wouldn’t think that their first job is to keep harmful or evil energies away. Dreamcatchers come in all sizes, so if you want to create one that is afoot in length, by all means, do so. Raw crystals can be used in making the details of the crystal dreamcatcher.

Use crystal glue to attach the crystals to the strings or wire, and do take your time, so the design becomes balanced and beautiful. Place the crystal dreamcatcher in your bedroom, preferably above your bed, for a good night’s sleep.

Dreamcatchers are legendary tools against negative energies, and the more you use them, the more the crystals attached to them will become more attuned to your points, tendencies, and needs.

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4.Four Rooting, Grounding, and Angelic Communication

Rooting/grounding is the process of realigning your energies and reconnecting with the earth.

Grounding can be done in a variety of ways. Some people use water to ground themselves. Others do it better by using raw or polished crystals. Meditate with the crystal of your choice and visualize connecting yourself to the earth through the crystal. You should feel relief as the excess negative energies are routed to the earth, where the points are harmlessly negated.

As you continue using crystals for grounding, you may also want to start using them for more psychic purposes. For example, did you know that certain crystals can be used to speak with entities from the angelic realm? You can also use crystals to seek assistance from earthly deities, such as Mother Gaia.


5.Crystal Grids


Crystal grids are essentially collections of crystals that are arranged in a way that benefits the user. Depending on your needs and intentions, you can create a crystal grid for prosperity, safety, health, defense, etc. Those who are more attached to the mythic arcana, such as witchcraft, create complicated crystal grids that can be used for healing and various types of spells. Do a little research, and you will see how crystals can easily be used to create helpful grids that can make your home safer, healthier, and more abundant, too.


6.Love Altars

A love altar utilizes crystals that are highly tuned to the heart chakra and relationships. The most superior healing crystals linked to the heart and relationships will always be the rose quartz, so if you want to improve all your relationships, from the platonic ones to the romantic ones you cherish right now, it would be a good idea to have a love altar.

Having a love altar does not mean you are worshipping the rose quartz or any of the crystals that you add to enhance the overall effect of the love altar. Instead, you are using the crystals as tools to improve your power over love and relationships.


7.Crystal Elixirs

Contrary to common belief, you do not submerge raw crystals directly into the water you are about to drink. Never do this, please. Some crystals leach asbestos, lead, and copper into the water, and the last thing you want to happen is to have excessive amounts of heavy metals in your body.

The power of crystals does not always require physical contact. In the case of making crystal elixirs, you have two options. The simplest option is to place the raw crystal beside the glass or pitcher filled with drinking water. Allow the crystal’s natural vibrations to refine and enrich the water. This should take only one to two hours to happen. You can drink the water after.

The second option is buying a crystal elixir flask. These flasks have a separate container for the raw crystal, and the water sits on top without ever making contact with the crystals. Remember – it is not okay to have the water touch the physical crystal. We are after the metaphysical properties of the crystals, not their physical properties. Not even quartz is safe to immerse in water, so don’t try it.

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raw crystals

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