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Pendulum crystals have become increasingly popular because people are now seeking a more authentic connection to the Universe or the Source.

You don’t need any particular religion to make full use of pendulum crystals. You don’t even have to have a specific faith for that. The use of crystals and pendulums is for everyone – its use is universal and is as ageless as the Earth itself.

So, if you have ever felt that you shouldn’t be dabbling in energy healing and crystals in general, remember that before the faiths emerged, there was the Source, and the Source animated everything before humanity.

Today would be the best time for pendulum dowsing to find out more about yourself and begin healing parts of yourself that conventional medicine can never understand.

Pendulum Dowsing

pendulum dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is the general term used to describe the many ways that you can use pendulums for energy work, intuition studies, etc. As you may have already studied from other places, crystal pendulums have many uses. Anyone can maximize their engagement with the spiritual world by using tools like the crystal pendulum.

The most popular uses of pendulum dowsing include:

  1. Identifying the potential causes of disease, including allergies and chronic pain. The crystal pendulum can help point the person in the right direction.

While it cannot say outright what may be causing the problem, you can use it to arrive at the correct answer. By knowing more about yourself, you can use a crystal pendulum to delve even more profound.

  1. Crystal pendulums come in many types, and certain crystals can be used for clearing work.

Clearing work is transmutation, where negative energies are absorbed by specific crystals and transformed into high-frequency energy that is so powerful it can beat any evil intention: love.

Many people are unaware that when you transmute negative energy, the result is loved. It’s not just positive energy – it is the highest form of power in the Universe.

  1. Use pendulum dowsing if you need to locate a lost pet, person, or object. A pendulum can help reduce the number of options and lead you closer to finding what was lost through a series of questions.

This is the most common use of crystal pendulums, and they can be very accurate as long as you are attuned to the pendulum. Keep in mind that crystal pendulums will not be automatically tuned when you lay your fingers on one.

Crystals need time to attune to their owners and their owners’ energies. Like people, crystals have to understand the various energies that animate the lives of their owners. Our recommendation is to use your crystal pendulum as frequently as possible, so it bonds with you as soon as possible.

  1. Pendulums can also be used like water rods. It simply works, and no one can tell why it does work. Either way, it can be a life-saving tool if you are out in the wilderness and need to locate clean drinking water. Keep a crystal pendulum about you in case of emergencies, as it can be a matter of life and death in some cases.

The answers that come from pendulums do not come from the movement alone. They come from the higher forces of the spiritual world, trying to communicate nonverbally with the physical realm.


How to Cleanse Your Pendulum?

Like other crystal items, crystal pendulums must be periodically cleaned to maintain their power and usefulness in energy healing. We must always think of these items as tools, and like other tools, they have to be held to continue serving your needs.

This is great piece of advice for all your divination and energy healing tools with unique materials, including jet-black and organic gemstones.

Cleansing crystals is essential for your energy work if you are serious about advancing your skills, too.

Anything used for manipsychic energies and the spiritual world will eventually absorb negative energies and potentially problematic energies from the environment and other people, so it is in your best interest to cleanse your tools as frequently as possible.

Fortunately, it is not complicated to cleanse crystals, and the more you practice cleansing sacred gemstones and other crystals in your collection, the easier it would be for you on the whole.

  1. Written Intention

If you happened to have citrine in your collection, place the citrine beside your pendulum and write down your intention to cleanse the pendulum on a piece of paper. Leave these items on a table, free of any disruptions, and allow the radiant energy of citrine to work on the negative energies found in the pendulum. Just make sure that you recharge your citrine, too!

  1. Smudging

This is the classic method of clearing gemstones. You will need a ceremonial sage for smudging. Light the tip of the bundle of ceremonial sage and allow the white smoke to emanate from the wood. Place the pendulum and other gemstones that need to be cleansed in a bowl (preferably a ceremonial clearing bowl) and pass the smoke of the ceremonial sage over the bowl four times.

Do so in a circular manner, so the smoke circles the gemstones, too. Ceremonial sage can also be used for clearing a place of negativity and entities, so it would be a good idea to have a stockpile of ceremonial sage so you can always perform clearing whenever you have to.

  1. Brown Rice

This is one of the little-known techniques for clearing crystals. Fill a small container of round-grained brown rice and cover the pendulum with the rice. If you have more crystals that need cleansing, you can cleanse them all at once, as long as you can protect their surfaces with brown rice. Leave all the crystals inside the brown rice pack for a total of 24 hours. Bin the rice afterward, do not eat it anymore as it has already absorbed negative energies.

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