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As the name suggests, Lava Rock beads are beads that are obtained from igneous rock. The beads are getting more and more popular today due to their unusual look and irregular shape with textures similar to a sponge. These characteristics make them an interesting material for jewelry design.


The beads are also loved for being lightweight and thus, they can be worn comfortably. And although they usually appear in gray or black, they can also be dyed in different colors. Above all, the beads are somewhat inexpensive as compared to other gemstones.


In this article, we’ll explore some of the most interesting facts about Lava Rock beads.

lava rock beads

How Are Lava Rock Beads Made?

The lava rock beads are made from a molten rock that has been cooled down, such as Basalt, which is an igneous rock. In order for the rock to be melted, it must first reach a temperature that’s as high as 1,000 Degrees Celsius. Once the volcano erupts, hot molten rocks will spill out of the volcano and will flow out like lava. Eventually, it will cool off and will turn into a black, solid, and porous material.

Lava Rock Metaphysical Properties

The lava rock itself has been around for millions of years now and it’s known for its many interesting uses over time and most of which are still being used until now.


Lava rock is known as a grounding stone, something that could balance the emotions and bring calmnessserenity, and strength. The material is also said to help keep tempers at bay and help the wearer to resolve problems in a more logical way.


In the same way, there’s a raw energy in Lava Rock because it is produced out of the fiery heat below the Earth’s surface. Such energy is said to represent renewal or rebirth, and thus, it’s believed to help promote fertility.


Lava Rock Beads for Jewelry Design

The Lava Rock beads are great for making braceletsnecklaces, and earrings. These beads are lightweight so you can easily create chunky-looking jewelry out of it.


Since the Lava Rock beads feature a quirky and edgy look and feel, the darker beads can be used in avant-garde, steampunk, or gothic designs of jewelry. The beads will also work well in themed jewelry designs, such as HalloweenChristmas etc. On the other hand, the lighter lava rock beads are very versatile and can be made into a wide range of jewelry, regardless of the style.

It’s also common to use the single lava bead to a length of chain to achieve a chic and highly dramatic elegant pair of earrings. In some cases, the lava beads are also held close together combined with a gold-tone to achieve a striking statement piece of jewelry. The beads will stand out even more when used with other materials that have contrasting color and finish.


The Lava Rock beads are indeed a great addition to your jewelry collection. These beads are highly versatile, inexpensive, and have interesting benefits and use too!

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