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Leather cord is a common accessory used for making necklaces and bracelets. As you know, leather is known for being durable and strong. Thus, most people prefer this material for their accessory. The leather cord is available in different colors and finishes suitable for your design preferences.


Here are the top five ways the leather cord can be used.

  1. Bracelets

leather cord

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One of the most common ways that a leather cord is used is to make a bracelet, most specifically surf-style bracelets, popular for both men and women. Leather cord bracelets are not only comfortable to wear but they are also stylish and could last for a long time. Although bracelets made from leather cord can be easily bought from various online stores and surf shops these days, many prefer to make their own personalized bracelets.

You simply have to purchase the leather cord and you’re free to create your own customized bracelets, which you can wear or give to friends as gifts. When buying the leather cord for bracelets, you’ll find that there are many different types of cords to choose from. Choose something that matches with your style and personality.



  1. Necklaces

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Aside from making your own bracelets using the leather cord, you can also make your own necklace out of it. Since leather is a durable material that will not lose a lot of strength even when it gets wet, it has become a favorite choice of necklace material for girls and boys who love the outdoors.


If cared and treated well, the leather cord necklace could last until forever. The best thing about these necklaces is that they age gracefully, just like with your leather shoes and bags. They exude an elegant character that’s truly distinct and unique.


  1. Napkin Rings

Because of its versatility, the leather cord is a favorite material for DIY arts and crafts. Thus, aside from being used for bracelets and necklaces, the leather cord is sometimes made into household accessories like napkin rings. This is perfect for a casual table setting or when you’re hosting an al fresco dinner for friends and loved ones. You simply need to purchase a leather cord, double them, and knot the ends together!


  1. Curtain Rings

Another way that the leather cord can be used for DIY household projects is by making it into curtain rings. For this project, you can use a 16-inch long leather cord, loop them through, and tie them in a knot together. This is a great way to replace your usual chrome curtains rings. The leather cord adds texture and a bit of color to your household curtains.


  1. Shower Curtain Rings

Aside from using the leather cord as curtain rings of a regular curtain, you can also use it for shower curtains. The reason is that the leather material will not get damaged even if it’s exposed to water and moisture. So if you want to give your shower curtain a new look, simply replace the hooks with leather cords!


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