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Like chakra healing, the reiki method is considered one of the contemporary healing techniques in the world. This form of healing is cultivated from the Japanese energy techniques as a form of complementary-alternative approach in healing and meditation. Reiki therapy does not unswervingly cure illness—instead, it is used to manage or reduce symptoms of diseases to improve one’s general well-being.

A Reiki healing stone can be transformed into reiki jewelry. Reiki can be done in any space available, but you need to know how to use a pendulum. This meditation process also uses non-invasive touch with the help of a reiki pendulum chart. As the microcurrents from your body start to sways the pendulum, it allows the person to display subconscious thoughts, feelings, and opinions.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is translated as a “miraculous sign of a mysterious atmosphere.” This term is derived from the Japanese words “rei” and “ki” (universal, life energy.) Reiki therapy is also a form of energy healing that targets the energy fields around our body. Practitioners believe that blocked energies where physical injury or physical pain occurs can stagnate and cause illness over a more extended period.

Reiki therapy has been around the meditation tactic for thousands of years. That is why the reiki healing stone is used to emulate acupressure techniques to your body. After reiki jewelry is pressed into certain parts of the body, it drastically improves energy flow. A decompressed body can reduce pain, speed healing, enable relaxation, and reduce symptoms of illness.

During the reiki session, the patient must be held in a peaceful setting—sitting on a comfortable chair or lying on a bed. The practitioner will later place their hands on specific areas on the head, neck, back, torso, and legs to identify the patient’s injured area. The patient might indicate particular areas as well to improve the practitioner’s accuracy.

As soon as the places are well located, the practitioner might use a reiki healing stone to improve the positive frequencies. Reiki jewelry can produce hands that are warm and tingling through the sense. These hands are later on placed on the affected area, whereas the energy has stopped flowing. After the heat from the hands dissipated, the practitioner will repeat the process until the affected area lighten.

Jewelry made with natural stones and crystals has innate energies that can replenish lost energies or remove stagnated energies without blocking during a physical or emotional turmoil. Some techniques on how to use a pendulum are included on a reiki pendulum chart. It has movements such as beaming, centering, clearing, extraction, infusing, and smoothing.


Health Benefits of Reiki Therapy

The effects of reiki therapy are subjective—it varies from one person to another. Other patients might not feel the practitioner’s hands, or it can be as cold for some. Some might feel pulsations around the hands, and it is cascaded throughout the body. This is why several reiki practitioners use natural stones and crystals to regulate heat and pulsating waves throughout the patient’s body.

Reiki is not for everyone, but it can provide fantastic comfort and relaxation during the initial sessions. To fulfill the overall effect of reiki therapy, the patient itself must be deeply indrawn during the therapeutic process. Proper conversation and approval will give access to the reiki practitioner to dwell on the patient’s subconscious.

As soon as the patient has already tapped on his state of consciousness, it will push through as an immediate release of stress in any means possible. It can be a dramatic process, a confessional one, but the overall process gives a deep relaxation for the patient.

Listed below are some of the helpful effects after a reiki therapy:

  • Reiki produces positive energies that permeate the body. It also aids relaxation, natural healing process.
  • It develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. After the reiki therapy process, it can alleviate people’s cope with difficulties. It can also improve emotional stress.
  • It helps to improve conditions related to cancer, heart disease, infertility, autism, Crohn’s disease, and neurodegenerative disorders. It can also release symptoms related to anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue syndromes.

If incorporated with reiki jewelry in the form of the pendulum, it will access the human’s subconscious. The subconscious world provides a better knowledge of oneself by creating a map of knowing one’s emotions, goals, dreams, problems, and understanding.


How to Use Pendulum for Making Decisions?

how to use pendulum

Reiki healing can be combined with other forms of energy healing, such as the crystal pendulum. The crystal pendulum can be used for unblocking chakras and blocking chakra energies. According to several meditation practitioners, the best way to improve the tracking of your powers is through the use of a pendulum.

The pendulum acts as an energy amplifier for the energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. Identifying the pendulum functions in meditation and healing will give you great information in determining your chakra for your decision-making process. The pendulum also acts as a divination tool to help the practitioner detect energy blockage on the patient’s body.

You can use your pendulum on the following methods: grounding, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and clearing of energy block. Locate any energy block faster with pendulum help by relying on the natural frequencies inside the pendulum’s crystal. This divination tool moves towards the invisible energy around us, and it can detect anomalies in our chakra blockage.

Listed below are some of the methods practitioners use to detect issues to the 7 chakras of our body:

  • Holding the divination tool on the seven body parts corresponding to the seven chakras. The seven parts are as follows: (1) base of the spine, (2) belly button, (3) naval region below the rib cage, (4) center of the chest, (5) near the esophagus, (6) in between eyebrows, and (7) the top of the head.
  • Using the reiki pendulum chart to identify the flow of energy. Also known as the Chakra Pendulum Chart, this printable chart provides insights on locating the energy issues of the seven chakras. This chart is placed on a flat surface, and the pendulum is directed to the delegated spot.
    • Questions are then followed to identify the specific energy locations that need prior attention. Particular questions are required for the pendulum to assist in the answering process.
crystal pendulum

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