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Ever wondered how to use a pendulum for psychic or spiritual work? A crystal pendulum can be used easily for divining answers from the spiritual realm. The movement of the object itself is called a period of a pendulum – and a period can mean different things depending on how you use the object for spiritual work.

How To Use Pendulum?

Dowsing pendulum is a method of using a pendulum to answer different kinds of questions. The principle behind a dowsing pendulum is you can divine answers from the universe through a physical channel that is attuned to the vibrational energies sent by the Universe. There are a lot of terms for this energy, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to vibrational energy, which is what energy practitioners say.

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How Do Pendulum Work?

To maximize the benefits of using your pendulum, follow our step-by-step guide.

1.Establish Mental Clarity

This is essential for all kinds of energy and spiritual practices, not just dowsing pendulum. If your mind is distracted, cluttered or noisy, it is possible that you would not be able to use your pendulum at all, or you will not get accurate answers from it. So it is essential that when you sit down to use your pendulum, your mind is 100% there, and have full belief in what you are doing.

If you are having trouble calming your mind, we recommend the following:

You can try Zen meditation. Get into a lotus sitting position and straighten your back as if you were gently straightening a stack of coins.

Keep your mind clear and just focus on deep and rhythmic breathing. Inhale for a couple of seconds, and exhale a couple of seconds, emptying the lungs fully to take in another lungful of air. No thoughts, no distractions, just are in the moment. A few minutes’ worth of Zen meditation can help clear your mind enough for other spiritual activates.

Perform creative visualization. The simplest creative visualization is imagining that you are walking on a beach. The sky is blue, and the sun is just right. Develop a gentle cadence while walking and just let all that mental stress and noise melt away. You are ready to use your pendulum when you feel relaxed.

Listen to soothing and calming music. This works best for auditory people who function best when they hear things, as opposed to visually oriented people who are of course more visually oriented (and so we recommended creative visualization instead).

Listening to the right kind of music can achieve the same effect as creative visualization. It might take a bit of time before you reach that state of calm, but if you do this exercise more regularly, you can train your brain to calm down more quickly in the future.

2.Establish the Correct Pendulum Position

To use a pendulum for spiritual work, sit up straight on a chair and hold the pendulum in front of you. It should be roughly about a foot from your chin, and about the same height as well. Don’t worry if your hand seems to be shaking at first that is normal.

Remember, a pendulum is just a tool, you are the actual ‘transmission tower’ that will be receiving the vibrational energies of the universe. Hold the pendulum as still as you can, and avoiding consciously swinging or moving it. Again, if there is some gentle shaking, that is fine.

Dowsing pendulum

Hold your arm in the horizontal position, allow the pendulum swing freely

How to Program the pendulum?

The practitioner must program the pendulum so it would ‘know’ how to move when asked questions. The most basic, programmable movements of a pendulum are:

  • Moving from front to back
  • Moving from left to right
  • Moving in a clockwise manner
  • Moving in a counterclockwise manner

You must program the pendulum to provide a movement that corresponds to a specific answer: yes, no, and maybe. Feel free to select from the four types of movement and then associate your selection with these three answers.

To program, instruct the pendulum to move in a certain way when the answer is yes, no, or maybe. You may test your programming by having your pendulum swing depending on the answer that you have in mind. When the pendulum is accurate already (meaning, it has been calibrated), you can proceed with using it for getting answers to questions.

If the calibration is not working, demonstrate the movement that you want to be associated with each answer, and see if the pendulum is moving the way you intended it to move for each type of answer.

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Tips to Use a Pendulum

To get the answers from a higher spiritual source, you need to connect the pendulum with the said source. Begin each session by saying “I am now calling upon the Universe for help with my questions. I seek only the highest and purest answers that will provide great benefit to everyone who will be affected by the said answers.” You can change the phrasing as you wish. Just make sure that you are connecting the pendulum with a higher source of power.

Whenever you ask your pendulum a question, the answer should be answerable by yes, no, or maybe. Avoid questions that have an imperative quality to them, such as questions like “should I do this?” Questions with purely subjective answers will likely get murky answers because these will clash with the concept of free will, which is universal to all.

After each question is answered, touch your pendulum to the palm of your free hand. This will signal to the pendulum that the question beforehand has been satisfactorily answered, and a new question will be on its way. Perform the same step when you are done with the entire session.


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