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What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a cognate discipline that allows individuals to quickly track down and work on hidden or secret blocks that entirely prevent people from living life. These hidden blocks are accessed through the mind and spirit, but their effects, if left unresolved, will affect the person beyond the spiritual realm.

SRT helps resolve and release discordant or chaotic energies, limit ideas, and leave more positive beliefs and opinions in their wake. If you feel that many memories and emotions hold you back from living your most entire life, then SRT will give you fuller access to the vital Akashic records.

Spiritual response therapy is carried out by a spiritual therapist/expert who can use an SRT pendulum chart to understand how your psyche works and how the clearing can occur. SRT utilizes a series of questions, charts, and a unique pendulum to explore and clear the person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual programming.

All of these are done while connecting the person to the Higher Self. The Higher Self represents a person’s inner voice or inner guidance.

That small spark, that tiny voice that seems to know much more of the universe than we do, is a portion of the spiritual self and has access to all the different selves we have, including the subconscious and spiritual minds.

One of the primary goals of SRT is tracking down negative imprints, self-limiting beliefs, emotional or mental scars, negative perceptions, and wrong beliefs that you have accumulated all these years.

What is Spiritual Response Therapy SRT

What Does Clearing Entail?

When you read about the Akashic records or Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), you will often encounter the term ‘clearing.’ This concept is also extensively used in the context of crystal healing or energy healing. So, what does it entail, exactly?

  • Clearing means your negative thoughts and subconscious energies will finally be liberated. Humans can take on an incredible amount of negativity, and through the years, these negativities will do everything but help you.

Sometimes people have so much negativity that they can’t function normally anymore, and the person’s condition begins to affect people around them.

These discordant energies have to be eliminated or released somehow. Unfortunately, people tend to hold on to the wrong type of energy. Simply thinking negatively can draw more negative energy to oneself. Simply put, we are what we think and feel.

  • Clearing can also refer to the removal of internal obstacles. People often complain that they feel stuck, and no matter how much they work, they can’t seem to move forward or remove themselves from the pit of despair they are in. Often, the correct answers are not always apparent.

A person’s logical thinking is insufficient to deal with something that evades common perception and logic. Part of the accurate clearing process is reconnecting the spiritual mind with the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is connected to The One, or The Source. Every person has an equal chance to benefit from the Akashic records and the Fountainhead of all divine energies, but one must use the correct points.

  • The clearing is also a method of changing your spiritual and mental landscapes. The internal landscape you wake up to every morning may not be the best one for your growth as an individual. Therefore, you have to clear the negativity of the landscape so you can breathe and live more efficiently. You must remove restlessness, anxiety, anger, and depression from this internal landscape.


Choosing the Right Pendulum for SRT

While there are no complex rules for the pendulum used for SRT, pendulums have specific energies and properties.

  • Emerald Pendulum – Mainly used as a ward against evil and negative spiritual energies. The emerald pendulum also forms a protective barrier against any overt or hidden enemies. Emeralds are also beneficial for the health and family sectors of the home when you are setting up feng shui.
  • Garnet Pendulum – Garnet pendulums come in a vast array of colors, from browns to pinks. The garnet is highly revered in Ancient Egypt and is known for being very helpful in enhancing romance and balancing discordant energies. If you wish to use your garnet pendulum for feng shui, be sure to place it in the marriage sector.
  • Hematite Pendulum – On top of having an excellent silver and gleaming appearance, hematite was also used extensively in Egyptian tombs. Use a hematite pendulum specifically to ground and enhance rootedness and balance the yin and yang energies at home. It can be placed in any sector of the house.
  • Sodalite Pendulum – Sodalite pendulums are often royal blue. Please take note that many sodalite gems are sensitive to exposure to direct UV rays, so keep them in a pouch when you go out. UV exposure can reduce the color of your sodalite pendulum. Though it may fade aesthetically in time, a sodalite pendulum will continue to be useful for energy healing and SRT for years to come. Sodalite will benefit the following sectors: helpful people, marriage, and knowledge.
  • Agate Pendulum – The agate pendulum also comes with a wide variety of colors and is historically used as a talisman to draw in all forms of power. It can also be used to relieve stress and improve a person’s outlook in life. Due to its properties, the agate can be placed in any home area where you meditate to find inner peace and relaxation.
  • Topaz Pendulum – The topaz pendulum often comes as a smoky gemstone that focuses on providing healing powers to your finances and emotions. This talisman and pendulum can be placed where positive and negative forces collide for additional gridding and balancing.

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how to choose the right pendulum for spiritual response therapy

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