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Apple’s AirPods are incredibly chic and modern accessories, but they are easily lost for obvious reasons. Recently, jewelry designers from all over have been making unique accessories by remaking earrings into AirPods accessories. These unique accessories make it less likely for you to lose your new AirPods.

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5 Clever Ideas Make Your AirPods Less Easy to Lose But More Unique

There are five brilliant designs that every AirPods owner should be looking for:

1.Chain Earrings Holder for AirPods



First, if you wear earrings, then the chain earrings holder is your fast solution for easy to lose AirPods. Many of the available chain earrings come as plated gold jewelry, so these items are not at odds with the image and value of AirPods. We all know that AirPods are a status symbol, and that affects their pricing. Pricing aside, AirPods are still excellent audio devices, and they are well worth every penny.

Look for chain earrings holders that are nickel-free and lead-free so that you will have a genuinely hypoallergenic holder for your AirPods. These will serve as dangle earrings when your AirPods are not in use, and they will quickly prevent the loss of your AirPods when you are working out in the gym, dancing, working, walking, hiking, or even running. Those who exercise every morning will find this particular solution easy to execute.

2.Neck Lanyard for AirPods

Neck lanyards are the next hottest thing for preventing your AirPods from getting lost. These are five in one solution that can also double as reinforcement for facemasks. You can also use the lanyard as a bracelet, necklace, or an extra holder for your pair of glasses. Either way, this is one lanyard that is not ending up in the bin any time soon.

Since these unique silicone lanyards are super easy to wear and have sufficient length for the nape, you won’t be dropping it quickly. If it does drop, you will notice easily that you have lost something.

This is not something that we can say for AirPods, which are so small that you can lose them almost immediately if you accidentally drop them while walking or just moving about in the house. If you want to make your AirPods wired instantly, this is what you need.

This neck lanyard accessory is a practical choice for adults, teens, and younger kids who have AirPods and similar accessories. They are stylish, flexible, and won’t get in the way of your hands, unlike earphone wires that can get knocked away quickly because they are connected to your phone.

3.Earring Strap or Hoop for AirPods

Earring straps function a lot like AirPods lanyards (only shorter), and they’re great for sportier individuals who are always at the gym or running/jogging. The big difference here is the material used for earring straps. Earring straps or anti-lost leashes for AirPods are made from the most potent silica gel available, and they are tipped with super strong magnets to keep the AirPods in place.

While they won’t keep the AirPods from getting lost when there’s a lot of physical force involved, swinging your AirPods won’t make them fly off, so earring straps are great when you are exercising.

Earring hoops, anti-lost earrings, or earring hoop holders are shorter variations of the earring strap, and they can be made from either silica gel or gold-plated metal. Either way, you’re going to enjoy collecting this new jewelry to make sure that your AirPods won’t get lost accidentally.

4.Silicon AirPods Connector for Sports

Silicon AirPods connectors are fantastic when you are constantly on the go. These accessories may be made from different materials, but the most prevalent variation is made from high-grade silicone, like earring straps. They also come in so many colors, from deep reds to purples to black and blues. AirPods connectors are a fantastic choice from the perspective of accessorizing because they work so well, and they grip the AirPods properly with their super strong magnets. The super-strong magnets are critical in keeping the AirPods attached to the strap.

Why do manufacturers choose to manufacture these accessories with silicone and not plastic?

Apart from the fact that silicone is hardier than plastic and heat resistant, silicone also tends to be lighter at just fourteen grams per strap. Organic silica gel is best for any product that needs to be 100% hypoallergenic and flexible at the same time.

Silicone is also very soft to touch, which makes these straps more comfortable to wear. So you are getting the durability that you need to keep your AirPods secure while improving your comfort while using them.

5.Ear Hooks for AirPods

Ear hooks are top of the line when it comes to fashionable AirPods accessories because they can be worn like regular jewelry, and they have light chains that won’t interfere with movement or your face either.

The ear hook can be used like any other ear accessory, and the metals used for these accessories are lead-free, nickel-free, and completely hypoallergenic.

The best-plated ones will not be at odds with similar jewelry, and they will conform to your fashion easily. Who said that AirPods jewelry could cheapen your look? It all depends on how you integrate the accessories with your everyday look.

The roster of accessories that we have in today’s review has been carefully handpicked, so they match today’s best, modern looks. What differentiates ear hooks from all the other accessories is they attach your expensive AirPods directly to your ears so they will not get lost.

Can you use these accessories for an active lifestyle? Of course, you can. Like the straps and lanyards, ear hooks are meant to stay on despite vigorous movement, and if they do fall off, you would know immediately because the clip will graze your ear once it falls off.


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