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A choker is a popular variant of the classic-length necklace. The main difference is it is very close-fitted. It is a form of a necklace that “chokes” around your neck. Like classic necklaces, chokers can be made from various materials, like beads, plastic, velvet, latex, precious metals, and even leather. Chokers can be worn with a single material or adorned with other materials like pendants, sequins, and studs.


Brief History of Choker Necklaces

Historically, choker necklaces are associated as a precious fashion item for the elites. Chokers made with lapis or gold are traced back as early as the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia. In the 19th century, queens and other elites introduced broad-type chokers. These chockers have numerous layers that are used to cover neck scars. Tribes and other ethnic groups have their cultural take on chokers—signifying their native roots.

At this time, chokers still put pride as a popular fashion item. Hollywood stars and actresses wore Swarovski-covered chokers that can stretch up to three inches. Gothic-style chokers made with black leather and studs had been a fashion item for males and females.

Chokers are often laced with sexual desires by men and women. This is the same type of chokers that has sexual innuendos associated with BDSM. Some men could be aroused with the choker clinging into a woman’s neck. Women utilize chokers to add sexiness to their attire.


What Are Rainbow Chokers?

Rainbow chokers made their popularity due to their vibrant, holographic-like take on this jewelry. Aside from its multicolored aesthetic, rainbow chokers also signifies the opening of equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. Rainbow chokers are also designed to create different looks: from minimalistic, to gem-studded, with pendants, beaded, edgy, and even hippie-inspired.

5 styles of Rainbow Chokers

  1. Rainbow beaded choker – A type of choker made with multicolored beads. The rainbow-colored beads may be arranged vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally.
  2. Rainbow Strip Necklace – A type of choker commonly made with stretchable materials. This style is often associated with the LGBTQIA+ fashion.
  3. Rainbow Woven Choker – A variant of choker made with stretchable materials (like rubber and nylon). This type is woven circularly.
  4. Necklace with seven rainbow color charms – A rainbow choker variant that uses white or black materials. The charms attached are following the 7-color representation of the rainbow.
  5. Rainbow color lace choker – A colorful choker made with soft lace. It can be sewn together or lined in each color pattern.

7 Chakra Necklace

Rainbow chokers made with several gemstones could produce a 7 chakra necklace. In the material world, we live in; chakras provide our body full capacity to live evocatively.

Chakras provide necessary psychological, emotional, and spiritual energies that allow us to connect from the cosmic realms to the physical.

Chakra necklaces generate the power of the Sacred Stones to cultivate spiritual energy and power. A Chakra necklace is created using seven different gemstones that symbolize the seven energy points. Below are the seven chakras entwined to the energy points of our body.

  • Root Chakra. Also known as the Muladhara, it has a red aura. The chakra is responsible for the body’s survival instincts.
  • Sacral Chakra. Also known as the Svadhisthana, it has an orange aura. The chakra regulates the female and male reproductive organs.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra. Also known as the Manipura, it has a yellow aura. The charka that aids in the overall digestive tract of the body, including metabolism.
  • Heart Chakra. Also known as the Anahata, it has a green aura. The chakra deals with the physical and emotional matters of a human heart.
  • Throat Chakra. Also known as the Vishudha, it has a blue aura. The chakra controls the human’s capacity to express oneself.
  • Third Eye Chakra. Also known as the Ajna, it has an indigo aura. The chakra provides clairvoyance over the spiritual and psychic demesne.
  • Crown Chakra. Also known as the Sahasrara, it has a purple aura. The chakra produces melatonin, a chemical essential for easier access of the physical bodies to the spiritual realm.

Surprisingly, each of the colors representing the rainbow is the core color of the chakra. Rainbow chokers, as previously mentioned, can be created using the seven chakra stones. These gemstone necklaces, once worn, will cultivate the chakras within the body.

Chakra Rainbow Chokers

Chakra rainbow chokers will bring your spiritual, mental, physical, and financial wellness. If you want to recreate this to your favorite choker, listed below are the best stones for your chakra.

  • Clear Quartz. This cut stone can be tinted in translucent white and red. It can also be transparent and tinted with hues of browns and greens. This gemstone improves the wearer’s wisdom and could bring unconditional love.
  • Rose Quartz. This quartz stone is known for its pinkish-red hue. Just like the clear quartz, this gemstone can provide harmony, peace, and love.
  • This jewel could be tinted with different hues of lilacs and purples. This gem can improve the user’s health, stress control, and clarity of mind.
  • This healing crystal comes in many colors: yellow, peach, green, red, blue, and gold. This material provides good luck and improves self-esteem.
  • A yellow-tinted crystal that enhances creativity, boosts stamina, and supports better metabolism. It can also help you pass through financial strain.
  • A type of gemstone that has an orange-red hue. It builds up the much-needed confidence to overawe tests and dread.
  • Black Tourmaline. A gem is known for its deep black color and dark green hues. It could repel negative energies from affecting your personal space and your working space.


How To Choose The Length Of Choker?

Measuring your neck will give a clearer idea of the necessary tightness for your chokers. After measuring your neck, you need to add certain measurements for each type. Add two inches if you’re planning to wear tighter types. Add four inches if you are planning to wear chokers with a lot of décors.

Does Wearing Tight Chokers Maybe Dangerous?

Wearing chokers is not essentially dangerous for you. However, tight chokers may be dangerous, most especially if it not work properly. Identifying the choker’s tightness’s right level is essential to prevent unwanted choking and difficulty in breathing.

Suppose you are not comfortable wearing classic chokers that have a fixed circumference. In that case, you may wear chokers made with stretchable materials. Aside from this, you may also think of the material used; and how it is placed within the jewelry. You can also use a necklace extender to extend the length of your necklace if your choker is tight.

Studded chokers may have sharp, pointy edges that can hurt someone’s neck if placed improperly. Heavyweight chokers that have varying lengths can strain your neck if used for longer periods.

Styling Tips On Wearing And Choosing Rainbow Chokers Necklaces

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