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The existence of crystal life depends on particular frequency ranges. These ranges, however, remain undiscernible or uncertain within the human mind. A crystal bracelet breaks mean that the crystal may have taken a toll or damage from certain misalignments in your energy field.

Healing crystals reside in their world with energetic alignments and rules, which remain largely invisible to our kind. Humans are lucky enough to have learned how to utilize many crystals’ powerful energies. These energies can help guide and sustain spiritual and physical balances in different aspects of one’s life. Some crystals aid people’s financial needs, while some crystals help folks recover from medical illnesses.


How to Select Your Crystal Bracelets?

In selecting your crystal bracelet, there is no right or wrong way. Instantly, you will be innately drawn to a certain crystal bracelet according to your metaphysical attraction—this unexplainable force that feeds your intuition. The best way to select your Sacred Stones is by allowing yourself to relax and let your inner clairvoyance select the perfect crystal bracelet for you. Above all else, your spiritual senses will guide your healing and growth.

If this method doesn’t ring a bell or lots of energies picking up, identifying the spiritual elements each crystal offers will help you resonate with the right material for you.

Gemstones used in crystal bracelets are arranged according to their color, purpose, and intention. Instantly, or even gradually—your awakening process through your Sacred Stone or crystal bracelet will be poised according to your current needs.


Who Could Wear Crystal Bracelets?

rose quartz bracelet

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Men and women could wear crystal bracelets. A specific crystal bracelet is created according to your energy field. These bracelets work by allowing your energy core to circulate throughout your body fully.

Crystals are Sacred Stones directly grounded from nature’s realms—the origins of nature’s spirits and energies. Once the crystals remove the energy blockages, they will provide the necessary auras to heal your spirit, mind, and body.

As soon as your crystal bracelet vibrates its natural energy, it will rub against your vibrational patterns until it forms synchronized vibrational energy. With this, new vibrations are created, radiating to your own sets of qualities and beliefs.

amethyst bracelet

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What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Bracelet Breaks?

Every gemstone and crystal has its own sets of meaning, vibration, and energy. Stones, crystals, and ceramics can handle certain amounts of energies—but in controlled situations.

Once the crystal bracelet breaks—our negative energy has been completely absorbed by nature. Their energies have already crossed to assist us until it was too overwhelming for the stone.

Crystals also do need time to recover themselves. But once they’ve absorbed too much before they have time to balance the negative auras—it dissipates the energy of the Sacred Stone itself. Suppose a person depends excessively on the power of the crystal alone without harnessing positive energies through his own. In that case, there is no wonder why he will have a broken crystal bracelet continuously.

Spiritual Meaning of Bracelet Breaking

Energy vibrations serve as our magnets to attract or repel positive energies. If we project positive energies, our crystal bracelets will work the same way as we project the world. However, old ingrained beliefs and affirmations are created in negative space—which the crystals will try to absorb.

Sacred Stones are a powerful and constant force. If the user could not provide his positive auras, the sacred stones will utilize all of their energies persistently. This, however, will submerge the crystals in a brutal battle of polarized forces.

Crystal bracelets, like amulets, are attached to your body to create a breakthrough.

The breakthrough is a cycle of a process where the crystals will utilize their energy field in certain areas of your body. These Sacred Stones’ main goal is to create balance by amplifying its potent energy to its user.

The final cycle of a breakthrough happens when your jewelry breaks. It means that your Sacred Stones had endured all the negative patterns directed by your thoughts, actions, and decisions. Wearing a bracelet may only provide balance for a certain limit. In the end, it is the wearer’s ultimate decision to create his awareness and liminal spaces for change.

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What To Do With The Broken Crystal Bracelet?

If the crystal bracelet is broken, its energy has been completely used and doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. Your broken crystal had endured in absorbing certain negative vibrations from you and your environment—causing it to push on its limit. Like nature, crystal has its journey following the natural cycle of life: birth, life, death—and rebirth.

Another viewpoint of looking at your broken crystal is the allegory of its purpose.

  • What did you do that break your crystal?
  • Did you overcharge it?
  • Did you gravitate to excessive negative energies?

Rekindle how you’ve dealt with your life from the moment you possess your crystal bracelet until the time of its rupture.

You now possess a broken crystal. Below are some of the methods you can consider in handling your broken Sacred Stones.

Benefits of Burning Sage

1.Cleanse your usable pieces of your broken crystal. Remove the negative energies absorbed by your bracelet by burning palo santo, sage, or other air purifying herb.

  • You may also anoint your broken crystals with rose oil before storing them inside a wooden box.

2. If you possess two or more crystals, you may consider returning them to earth. Offer your gratitude to your crystal before burying it on land. The crystals will disintegrate and will serve another purpose.

  • It can be rebirthed as a fertilizer or a part of another crystal. It can also return to its original crystal structure.

3. If you have many broken crystal bracelets, you may include this on your altar. Provide a bowl made with ceramic or earthenware for the new home of your precious jewelry.

  • You may add soil and other broken gemstones to your collection.
  • Ensure that every material is cleansed with air purifying herbs and must be offered with ceremonial energy.
  • Broken crystals should not be recreated into new crystals even it is already cleansed and purified. These crystals already utilized their natural energy and cannot provide the same energy the first time.

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Bracelet Breaks

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