Are you interested in finally using healing crystals to make your life better? Discover the vast world of healing crystals, how they can heal your body, mind, and spirit, and how you can start using them every day.

Which Healing Crystal Do I Need?

What with a Healing Crystal?

A healing crystal is a natural crystal formation with attributed metaphysical powers. Suppose you believe in the unseen and in the power of attraction, magic, and nature. In that case, getting a healing crystal might help expand your mind’s horizons and help you experience what you previously only read about online and in books.

There are different types of healing crystals, and depending on your particular needs, you may need just one or a handful of them. People appreciate crystals mainly for the beauty that they bring. Still, it’s now high time for people to realize that whenever they buy crystal necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and other jewelry, they are not just bringing home beauty; they are bringing home the metaphysical, spiritual, and even physical benefits that come with specific precious stones.

People love healing crystals as of late, especially in the USA. With the COVID pandemic, it’s not unusual for people to seek additional support and defense from alternative and complementary healing methods.



Healing Properties of Popular Crystals

Crystals have different physical and metaphysical properties. They differ not just with their color and how they were formed by nature but also by what they provide people who use them in healing. Below is a list of crystals, their definitions, and their healing powers.

1.Clear Quartz



There are many kinds of quartz crystals, and they differ mainly through their colors. Colored quartz crystals have different healing properties depending on their color. Clear quartz or transparent quartz is the essential universal or master healer among the different healing quartz crystals. If you need a crystal that can amplify positive energies and positively take away all negative energies in a given space, go for the clear quartz.

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2.Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is the master of the house of love and relationships. It has the strongest affinity for the heart chakra, and can positively impact the organs related to the heart chakra, too.

From a metaphysical perspective, the rose quartz can help harmonize people who are battling in a physical space. If you live in a house that is always in conflict, you can perform gridding and include rose quartz in the grid to help bring harmony to your home.

Rose quartz also encourages love between people and all kinds of positive bonding.

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The purple crystal, amethyst, has long been associated with sobriety or beating alcohol when it gets too much for a person. Amethyst is a powerful, purifying stone that can help stabilize the mind and improve how a person relates to the world.

If you need to boost your emotional and mental health, use amethyst. Amethyst is also indicated for people who suffer from sleeping problems like disturbed sleep or sleeplessness. Combined with other healing methods, it’s likely that you will get better sleep with an amethyst in your grid or wear amethyst for personal protection.

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4.Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is the pack leader when it comes to providing a motivational boost to people. Tiger’s eye is also an important part of the crystal arsenal for increasing a person’s power.

If you struggle with making important decisions in life or want to be more courageous with your career choices, use the tiger’s eye to give yourself that powerful stream of courage to make hard decisions. You will become unwell if you can’t live your life to the fullest.

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We recommend the obsidian if you want the biggest and most powerful shield around against any negative energy or even evil entities. Obsidian is a deeply powerful and protective crystal, and it specializes in blocking evil and negativity and giving mental clarity, strength, and compassion. If your mind is constantly fogged by stress and your past, obsidian should be able to suck away that fog and allow you to live again with full clarity. Obsidian is routinely used to ward away evil entities, and on a physical level, it can help ward away muscular cramps and pain in different parts of the body.

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As a sun crystal, the citrine is as warm and healthy for the body as the sun itself. Citrine is a most joyful healing stone as well, and its warmth and happiness can permeate into every aspect of your life. What citrine does is dig deep into you and relinquish negative and harmful traits and experiences, including the bad memories you have been holding on to all these years. If you are constantly fearful and worrying, having some citrine may be helpful.

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The moonstone is the crystal of new beginnings, and like the nurturing Earth, it provides fortitude, nourishment, courage, strength, and the capacity to grow to those who need it. Every person living on this Earth can decide on new beginnings.

If you feel that you are stuck in a rut and need to start changing your life for the better, then moonstone may help you get there. The moonstone is highly recommended for people who feel emotionally unstable and cannot make good decisions for themselves. Moonstone’s endless well of inspiration is the best way forward for people who are unsteady and often feel helpless about themselves, too.

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How to Select the Right Healing Crystal?

How can you select the best ones for you with so many things happening in the crystal world? Start by listing down your needs. Split your list into these categories:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Material
  • Spiritual
  • Medical

The point is that our needs are different, and some needs are prioritized compared to others. You’d want to match your needs with the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals. Know more about crystal intention.

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