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Are there truly self-cleansing crystals? The world of mystics and energy practitioners have always practiced crystal cleansing to ensure that their tools are always in prime condition. However, are there crystals that don’t need cleansing?


What Is a Self-Cleansing Crystal?

A self-cleansing crystal is a mystical gem or mineral that doesn’t require the usual cleansing process to remain viable and energetic. Mystics have different explanations for this phenomenon, and there are also some disagreements as to how reliable these crystals are.

The general explanation is that some crystals are simply incapable of absorbing negative energies. When you cleanse crystals, you are essentially removing all the negative and toxic stuff that the crystals have absorbed while actively using the gems for energy work.

Whether you are using the crystal for healing, general energy work, or even for magic, crystals eventually need to improve their state, and you can fast-track this process by cleansing them.

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Why Are They Never Need Cleansing?

There are several explanations of why some crystals don’t need to be cleansed anymore. Let’s take a look at the most common explanations:

  1. Some crystals oppose negative energy – Apparently, some self-cleaning crystals do not permit the absorption or retention of negative or evil vibrations or energy.

All crystals vibrate at a certain frequency. All crystals send and receive energy depending on the situation. While a crystal can receive negative energies, not all of them absorb negativity. The self-cleaning crystal deflects the energy.

  1. Some crystals make full use of clearing – Clearing is the process of removing negative energy from the surrounding space and transforming the same into positive energy, or in some circles, they say the negative energies are turned directly into love.

Why love? Love is the most powerful, positive energy known to man. When crystals are used for clearing a space or for clearing a person, the negative energies are transmuted in the process. Some practitioners believe that some of these clearing stones do not retain any of the negativity or evil they process because they are that powerful in the first place.

  1. Some crystals deflect evil – Some powerful stones are known as defensive shields against the supernatural. This being the case, some mystics believe that they can recharge themselves and clear any evils on their own with little difficulty.

Stones like onyx are quite popular in mystical circles because they are believed to possess amazing deflecting properties. So if you have gemstones that are known for working against evil in the occult, specifically, these gemstones probably have less need for recharging, too.

  1. Some crystals are more intuitive than others – Some crystals can operate at a higher frequency. Therefore, these crystals exude more power than what people and circumstances can generate as negative energies.

The great thing about these crystals, like the quartz family, is they are nearly indestructible when it comes to energy work because no matter how heavy the negative energy is, these crystals can still handle the pressure, and as ‘entities’ in energy work, they can still deliver whether they have been charged or not.

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Which Are Self-Cleansing Crystals?

Three crystals are widely regarded as ‘self-cleansing,’ and they are citrine, kyanite, and selenite.


Selenite is one of the well-known self-cleansing crystals..

Other sources indicate that the list has grown over the years as more and more practitioners claim that they could use stones without cleansing and with good results.

Among the other crystals that provide good energy healing even without cleansing for a long time are:

  • Yoderite
  • Viking balls
  • Philippine tektite
  • Guangdong tektite
  • Super Seven
  • Rhodizite
  • Quartz with titanium inclusions
  • Phenacite
  • Chromite with magnetite 7
  • Verde quartz
  • Obsidian and perlite combination
  • Meteorite from Park Forest
  • Menezesite
  • Borax
  • Astronomite


There are some additional notes about self-cleansing crystals:

  • It is widely believed that each person or practitioner has a special relationship with the crystals they use. We have different energy profiles, so how we aff others and the tools we use will depend on how we manipulate the energy around us and within
  • The crystals that work well with one practitioner may not work properly for another. There is a reason why advanced practitioners of the craft tend to use various crystals for different purposes. You can use just one crystal for a variety of tasks, especially if the crystal in question is known to clear the negative influence and power around you. However, as for the results of the process of clearing, that depends on how you use the crystal and the level of your power in the first place.
  • A person can fill his or her crystals with negativity. The negative power emanating from one person can influence others, too. So in the case of where the negativity might be coming from, it’s not healthy to assume that it’s always because we use the crystals. There will be instances where people are naturally emanating negativity, and as a result, some of their weaker crystals in the collection will bear the same burden.
  • The safest method is to clean your crystals still. As you become more bonded to your crystals, you also become more intuitive. You begin to realize that you can feel when your crystals need recharging. This would be the perfect time to pull out some ceremonial sage, so you can use it to improve the state of your crystals. You can also use a variety of cleaning methods so you can clear all the evil and negativity in all the tools that you use for spiritual cleansing and magic. Either way, you should still get good results. And don’t forget to recharge yourself, That’s very important.


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