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Standard Bangle Size for Men and Women

The standard bangle size for women is at a minimum of 6.5” to 7.5″ for girls with larger hands.

For men, the minimum size for bangles is 7.5,” and you can extend to about 9”.

For women, bangles that measure 7” often have at least 2.5” of internal diametrical space for the forearm and wrist.

What’s important with measuring for bangles is you have to consider how big your hands are and if they can fit into the bangle’s inner space.

This is a huge surprise factor for people who haven’t tried measuring bangles before. People get confused about the outside diameter and internal diameter of the bangle. So when they bring the measurement to the department store or jeweler, they sometimes get the wrong measurement.

The internal diameter, or the bangle’s space, is the most accurate measurement of the bangle. Since everyone is reeling from the pandemic and can’t always get out of the house, many people buy jewelry online. Online buying can sometimes be confusing because of the sizing.

The best way to approach this problem is to measure your wrist and measure any existing bangles you might have so you have an actual measurement and not eyeballing everything.

Eyeballing the size of a bracelet will likely produce a not-so-accurate measurement. If you buy several bangles at a time and the measurement is wrong, you will have to pay return postage and negotiate for a return. No one likes that, so it would be best to get it right the first time.

Steps for Measuring Your Wrist for a Bangle


How to measure bangle size?

As we have mentioned earlier, measuring a bangle is different from measuring a bracelet. Bracelets are, for the most part, flexible, and you don’t have to wear them over your hand. You can remove the clasp and wear the bracelet as you would wear a necklace. Bangles are confusing because some jewelers measure the diameter end to end, but not the internal diameter. This usually results in a mismatch between the bangle’s internal diameter and the widest width of the hand. That’s what we are trying to avoid: bangles that are too tight that they don’t fit your hand at all. While bangles are supposed to lock so they don’t fly off your wrist when moving about, they shouldn’t be too tight that you can’t wear them properly.

To get the proper measurement of your bangle, get a ruler, and measure the diameter inside the bangle. This will ensure that the measurement of the widest part of your hand will fit into this space. Forget about the general thickness of the bangle, as this is not important. What truly matters is the space available inside. Be sure to get the most accurate measurement of the internal diameter possible.

Do you have to measure yourself every few months?

Yes, we recommend that you do measure yourself every few months. There are quite several factors that will affect the size of your hand and your wrist. Sometimes it’s just the time of the day, the weather, the temperature, or if you have lost or gained weight. It’s important that you always pre-measure yourself before buying any substantial quantity of bangles or jewelry. This applies to other types of jewelry as well.


How to Choose the Right Bangle Size?

Bangles are meant to be worn over the hand, so there shouldn’t be any discomfort as you wear them over your fingers. If your bangle keeps hooking your knuckles or any part of your hand, it may be too small. We recommend that you get a replacement so that you will have a more comfortable time wearing your bangle.

You know you have just the right size of a bangle when it slides effortlessly over your hand, and it doesn’t slide too far after the wrist. Some bangles will naturally reach the mid-point of the forearm, but if it slides toward your elbow already, then that’s too big. You can still wear it but you may lost it easily.


Wrong Ways in Choosing the Size of Bangles

There are several methods of getting a wrong size of a bangle:

  • Guessing the size – You should never guess or eyeball the size of a bangle. The eyes tend to fixate on the width of the bangle and not space inside. This can easily mislead you to buy one that doesn’t fit.
  • Using a bracelet as a reference – Flexible bracelets are different from bangles. There is no comparison, and even the average sizing won’t fit your hand if you have a wider hand than usual.
  • Measuring your wrist – The wrist can give you a rough idea of whether the bangle’s internal diameter will fit your wrist. However, that’s not the problem. The problem is whether the widest portion of your hand will fit when you slide it over. So the measurement of the wrist is inaccurate and is a bad reference for bangles.

If you, unfortunately, got a tight bangle and hard to wear, click to know the best ways to put on and get off tight bangle.

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