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A crystal water bottle or crystal elixirs in some places is water that has been infused with the properties of certain gemstones or crystals. It is said that this is a type of crystal health tonic that offers many advantages to people who want to partake of the natural benefits of using crystal energy healing.

Where Did Crystal Water Bottle Trend Come From?

The fancy trend of using actual crystals or gemstones to infuse drinking water with health (and mystical) benefits was first detected on social media as early as 2017. Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr are staunch advocates.

Miranda Kerr says that her water has been filtered by rose quartz, and she feels the difference whenever she drinks the rose quartz-infused water. She calls the effect “a bit of extra love,” and she loves it very much.

miranda kerr with rose-quartz-crystal-water-bottle

Miranda Kerr drinks crystal infused water with rose quartz. (Image from Koraorganics blog)

Gwyneth Paltrow has been selling crystal elixir bottles on her Good website since 2018.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her amethyst crystal elixir bottles product

Gwyneth Paltrow and her product – amethyst crystal elixir bottles (image from Jimmy Kimmel Live@Youtube)

The international magazine Vanity Fair calls these bottles the new status symbol, and there’s a good reason: crystals, in general, are pricey, and you don’t get the benefits of crystal-infused water without investing in the gems that truly make them special. ‘Branded’ water bottles are priced at $100 at the very minimum.

What Are the Benefits of Crystal-Infused Water?

Suppose you are a believer of energy healing or crystal energy practices. In that case, you are probably already aware that crystals create a special energy grid that provides a cleansing of negative energies, at the very least.

Black obsidian and quartz crystals are particularly effective for cleansing negative energies and attracting better health to users.

If you are not a strong believer in New Age practices, we can say that crystal elixirs provide a moment of placebo effect to people at the bare minimum. Before you say that crystal elixirs don’t work just because of the placebo effect, hear us out: the placebo effect has physiological effects on the body.

Some placebo effects are so strong that they can block pain, reduce inflammation, and bring balance to tissues in chaos.

We don’t know when we interact with the subtle natural energies of crystals, but we know that crystals have a generally positive effect on people.

Can I Choose the Crystal and Its Respective Benefits?

Let’s talk about the physical benefits. Assuming that all things are consistent and your crystal elixir bottle doesn’t have cracks, and the water doesn’t come into contact with the gemstone, there is so much to gain from reviving your love drinking plain drinking water. Staying hydrated is an important step in many health journeys, including weight loss and weight maintenance.

If you are thinking of what type of bottle to get, then check out the benefits of top crystals for better health:

  • Colorless or clear quartz – This is considered the foremost or master healing crystal. There’s a good reason why quartz is used in crystal grids and other energy healing orientations. Quartz is the most powerful cleansing crystal around. Quartz is also used for clearing large physical spaces of negative energy. If you are not sure of what to buy, start with a quartz crystal elixir bottle and then move on to other crystals as you see fit.
  • Rose quartz – Rose quartz possesses the natural cleansing powers of quartz with many added advantages. You see, the ruling planet of the rose quartz crystal is Venus, which rules over all kinds of love. This means having rose quartz in a crystal water bottle can help you develop self-love, which is based on all types of love. If you feel under the weather and feel that you haven’t been giving yourself much love in the past, this is a big chance to help yourself in more ways than one. As they say, you can’t express love to others if you can’t love yourself.
  • Jasper – Jasper is known in ancient times as the stone of courage. Jasper is also a stone of royalty. If you want to be more sure-footed and confident with life and make tough decisions, this is a good crystal to try. Jasper will also aid you in riding out storms in life to not disintegrate because of the physical and emotional fatigue brought by stress. If you have poor stress management skills and would like to change that for the better, choose a jasper crystal water bottle.
  • Obsidian – Obsidian or volcanic glass is one of the most protective wards you can use as a crystal energy practitioner. Obsidian can clean your aura of residual negative energy, either from you or other people. The state of your aura also has an impact on your wellness and life quality. This is where the true cleansing begins. Obsidian can also be used to develop more focus and to rid yourself of mental fog. If you want more clarification in life, choose an obsidian crystal bottle.
  • Citrine – As a gemstone associated with the sun, citrine brings to the table an undeniable warmth that is hard to beat. If you need more warmth in your life (in general), use citrine. Using this gemstone can also help you appreciate life more and be happier with what you can achieve now. Citrine is also an amazing clarifying gemstone. If your mind is constantly struggling to make sense of the world and you’d like more clarity, direction, and purpose, you know which gemstone to use. You can partake of all the gemstones’ benefits we have already discussed using different crystal water bottles.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst is an ancient ward against intoxication, and it is said that it offers special protection to those who are traveling. Amethyst has powerful cleansing powers that can help rid your body of toxins as well.


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