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Making a dreamcatcher with crystals is what everybody is talking about these days. The dreamcatcher, especially the ones made with crystal beads, has captured the imagination of so many New Age practitioners and mystics as of late. While dreamcatchers have been around for literally decades, it is only in recent years that they become part of the “must-have” list of people who follow natural health and energy healing practice. It is a beautiful sight that the dreamcatcher’s history and legacy live on beyond Native American territories’ confines. Dreamcatchers are now being used globally, in different cultures, and we can’t wait to see how it becomes part of national cultures.


Meanings and Origins of Dreamcatchers

The Native American term for the dreamcatcher meant “spider.” After one of nature’s most enchanting and durable creations, a dreamcatcher is modelled – the spider web, made of spider silk. The traditional dreamcatcher design has always been knotted elegantly, with a web-like structure extending from a central point and outward.

Dreamcatcher with Crystals

A wooden hoop often binds together the rest of the spider web creation, and additional charms and symbols are often added to the web or the hoop itself to make the dreamcatcher prettier and more meaningful. You will notice that the charms added to dreamcatchers are often dangling from a central position.

dreamcatcher are said that protect from disturb infant's sleep.

Dreamcatcher are said that protect from disturb infant’s sleep.

Dreamcatchers were created so they can be hung above the cradle of an infant. It offered protection from the elements and the entities that can disturb the infant’s sleep and life.

Since infants are naturally fragile, having a special charm over one’s infant made sense. It’s the same logic applied in religions, where we pray over infants to keep them safe. There is a universal logic that guides the wisdom of using dreamcatchers.

There is a beautiful story behind the dreamcatcher, one that you would do well to remember. According to Native American lore, once a shaman suffered from the most terrible nightmare that kept returning, night by night. In the shaman’s despair, he created a medicine wheel and hung it above his head, praying for a good night’s sleep without disturbing the nightmare.

A good-natured and benevolent Grandmother Spider saw the medicine wheel. A Grandfather Owl also saw the shaman’s predicament. The two elderly and benevolent figures planned what to do to help the shaman with his recurring nightmare.

The Grandmother Spider laboured hard to create an intricate web that would trap the nightmare as it passed. The nightmare has already made the shaman ill, so the two had to do something. At the centre of the web was a small hole. The Grandfather Owl then added a feather to the centre of the creation. The web caught the owl feather.

When the first dreamcatcher was finished, the nightmare came at last. However, the special, magical web created by the benevolent Grandmother Spider was strong enough to contain the nightmare.

The many bad dreams that came with the nightmare struggled all night to overcome the special, magical web, to no avail. As the nightmare was trapped helplessly by the dreamcatcher, better and sweeter dreams could pass through the middle point.

The feather at the dreamcatcher’s centre allowed the sweet dreams to float down to the sick shaman.

As the sunrise, the nightmare dreams trapped in the dreamcatcher soon evaporated, like dews on the leaves of plants.dreamcatcher-during-sun-rise

The shaman was surprised that he had the best sleep yet and felt well and at peace. Stretching upon awakening, he came upon the medicine wheel that he created and saw the magical transformation that had taken place.

The shaman was ecstatic with gratitude, and he said words of praise and thanks to appreciating the gift of healing given to him by the Grandmother Spider and Grandfather Owl.

Since then, the shaman has shared the gift with others, and the people then used the dreamcatcher to ward off nightmares and ensure that bad things and menaces were kept at bay as one slept.


Use Of Dreamcatcher At Home Or As A Jewelry


Dreamcatchers can be used as plain jewellery to ward against evil and negative energies. You can also place the dreamcatcher above your bed or by the window. You don’t have to be Native American to partake of the blessings and healing brought by the mythic Grandmother Spider and Grandfather Owl. Everyone is welcome to be healed and protected.

Tips for Making Your Own Crystal Beads Dreamcatcher

Can you make a beautiful dreamcatcher at home?

Yes, you can.

Keep in mind that every detail that you put into a dreamcatcher has a special meaning and purpose. The age and the personality of the person who will be using or wearing the dreamcatcher must be considered.

Dreamcatcher for a Child

If you are creating a dreamcatcher for a child, then the best design would be the willow tree with the centre’s teardrop indention pattern. There must be a hole in the centre and a feather suspended as close as possible from the centre so that good dreams can float down using the feather.

A supple willow branch is also a good material for children’s dreamcatchers. Eventually, the wood will wear down, and the design will naturally collapse. This is expected because willow dreamcatchers are meant to symbolize youth and how it is fleeting.

Dreamcatcher for an Adult

If you create a dreamcatcher for an adult, then the ring should be made from a sturdier material, like metal. The crystal beads that can be placed around the ring and across the webbing should align with the user’s personality, astrological signs, etc.

It won’t hurt to use your birthstone, or if you’d like to create a small crystal grid of protection, you can do so by adding smaller seed beads to the dreamcatcher.


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