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The crystal pendulum is one of the oldest devices in self-hypnosis and is also an awesome way to tap into crystals’ powers if you want to.


Where Does Crystal Pendulum Energy Come from?

Crystal pendulums draw their energy from both the Universe and the type of crystal used in the pendulum. The majority of crystal pendulums are three-sided ones that are attached either to a string or a chain.

When you hold a crystal pendulum, you create a connection with the Universe or the Source, and you can then use the crystal pendulum to make better decisions by connecting to the Source.

Do you need a crystal all the time when you want to create a pendulum?

No. A pendulum is defined as any object suspended by a string. Essentially, you can create a pendulum any time you like, even without a crystal. However, if you want a more profound experience while using a pendulum, we recommend using one with a crystal suspended instead of ordinary objects like plastic or wood.

crystal pendulum

How Can It Help Making Decision?

The capacity of crystal pendulums is well-documented. Spiritual advisers, on the other hand, are quick to advise people not to be too dependent on crystal pendulums as they aren’t meant to be used for every single decision that has to be made.

For example, questions like “should I still eat dinner?” should not be asked. We recommend using crystal pendulums for more profound and important questions that have something to do with different areas in your life, like love, relationships, and so on.

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The following things happen when you use a crystal pendulum:

Helps you become less indecisive with life.

Indecisiveness is a huge hindrance to abundance and having a better life in general. If something like a crystal pendulum can help you overcome indecisiveness, this is surely a positive thing.

Allow you to become wiser because it is always action-oriented.

When you ask a crystal pendulum to help you make important decisions, you are allowing yourself to move forward more quickly.

Allows you to chat with your inner voice, also known as your higher self.

Your higher self is the part of the self with a direct, spiritual connection with the Universe or the Source. People who aren’t aware that they have a higher self or spiritual self are usually plagued with spiritual and emotional issues because they cannot take advantage of the wisdom and spiritual benefits of being able to communicate with the Source.

Ask for Guidance can be as simple as knowing what to do or choosing between two or more things.

Just remember that when you ask a crystal pendulum for guidance, the question should be answerable by either a yes or no. You won’t be able to ask a crystal pendulum something that requires a long sentence. That’s the limitation of universal communication because spiritual energies aren’t meant to be audible, anyway.

Can be used to bring clarity to a situation.

We are often faced with different realities and different options that may change how we work with people and our circumstances. If the sheer number of opportunities and possibilities are wearing you down, perhaps it’s time for you to whittle down your options? A crystal pendulum can help you with that.

First, identify the areas that you want to clarify, and list down questions to determine a route of action. Ask the questions separately and wait for a response from the crystal pendulum. Hold the pendulum about a foot from your chest and just let it move on its own accord as you ask your question. The subtle energies that animate the Universe will take care of how your questions will be answered.

Are you ready to be answered by the Universe?

There is nothing too complicated or sensitive that you cannot ask your crystal pendulum about it. Since it’s not the pendulum that is answering your questions, to begin with, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about anything. Whether the question is about your sex life, your love life, your finances, it doesn’t matter. If it is important for you, then you can ask.

The important thing here is that you are willing to open up to the Universe. The Universe has an unlimited trove of wisdom for people; only people aren’t likely to open up through spiritual channels.

The use of crystal energy for anything creates a new and powerful opening for people who want to become closer to the Source.

Is the Source also God?

Many people believe that, but we’d like to think that the Source is also the entirety of Creation, the entire splendor of what we see and feel like humans.

There is another important facet of using crystal pendulums that you should remember.

Your energies affect how crystal pendulums work. Essentially, your energies, desires, and emotions will influence the outcomes whenever you consult with a crystal pendulum. This happens because the Universe only gives us what we attract. For example, if your manifestation blueprint shows that your thoughts, emotions, and actions are geared toward mostly negative things, then the Universe may allow you to seek these paths to gain wisdom from both positive and negative experiences. Life is always a teaching exercise; the Universe or the Source is constantly teaching us how to function in this world.

What Crystal Pendulum Should I Use?

All crystals have healing powers and physical energies. If you want something that would work in any situation or mood, we recommend getting a quartz crystal pendulum.

For example:

natural amethyst crystal pendulum rose quartz pendulum tiger's eye crystal pendulum  chakra crystal pendulum
Just make sure that you clean the crystal before using and recharge it regularly.

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 Dos and Donts for Using Crystal Pendulum to Get Rid of Troubles

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