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Holiday is just around the corner, how about countdown to it with a Christmas craft project a day? Christmas 2020 is going to be a special one, as the on going COVID-19 putting many parts of the country shelter-in-place. Don’t let the pandemic dampen your holiday spirit. Don’t go traditional, explore our list of unconventional Christmas craft, you will feel the joy of the festive season either making your home decorations or your friends a DIY Christmas gift.

Christmas Craft For Home

Modern Christmas Tree

Christmas jingles and chimes are classic, but if you want to do something unique and modern, here are some unconventional DIY Christmas trees.

DIY Christmas Decorations

 Add festive touches around your home with these stylish DIY Christmas decorations.


DIY Christmas Centerpiece


Modern Christmas Gift

Looking for an unique DIY Christmas gift idea? These DIYs are amazing to keep or gift.

For Kids

Christmas is all around! Fill your kids’ room with these cute DIY Christmas crafts.

These DIY games will definitely liven up the party!


For Family & Friends

Let your family and friends feel that they are loved by sending them these handmade gifts.