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What Is a Worry Stone?

Worry stone meaning

A worry stone is a type of unpolished stone that normally has an extra indention at the center. The indention fits a person’s thumb so he can press or rub the worry stone.

What Is a Worry Stone Used for?

There has been a revival of crystal use not just for ornamentation or jewelry but for health and wellness, too. The smooth surface of unpolished stones can be extremely relaxing. Experts have compared worry stones with the fidget spinner and other anxiety relief tools or devices.

The size of worry stones varies, but the average worry stone is about 50% of the old silver dollar coin size. As people are rediscovering the power of crystals, worry stones are becoming easier to come by, and the variety of worry stones being sold in the market is increasing.

But are worry stones a modern invention?

They’re not. These tranquilizing stones have been around for centuries, and their use is recorded since ancient times. The act of rubbing smooth and ‘soft’ stones between the fingers is a way to calm the mind and aid in meditation. The repeated process of rubbing a smooth surface repeatedly is said to calm the mind and focus more.

People who use worry stones and recommend its use to others often say that it is like a fidget spinner. Still, it’s more holistic because you can also partake in the mystical and physical healing properties of the stones you are using. So whether you are interested in praying, meditating, or alleviating your fatigue and stress, worry stones truly have something to offer to everyone into natural healing and crystals.

How Many Types of Worry Stones?

In a big way, there is just ‘one’ type of worry stone based on form. A worry stone doesn’t have to be big or fancy, though fancy stones do exist, and they are usually priced higher in the jewelry and wellness market. But don’t let this stop you from investing in worry stones.

For the most part, you would do just fine with smaller worry stones. As long as the worry stone has been smoothened and you can grip it comfortably with your index finger and thumb, you’re going to be alright. A worry stone can be made from every known mineral globally, but the most popular ones are made from black onyx, clear quartz, and black agate.

Black onyx is an earth mineral known for absorbing massive quantities of negative energy from the environment. As you may already know, the process of transmutation is essential for clearing a physical space of negativity and evil intentions. All that is transmuted by a mineral-like black onyx becomes love, which is the most powerful manifestation of positivity from the Universe.

The second most popular type of worry stone is clear quartz. The clear quartz can be used primarily to deal with mental fog and stress. If you have trouble being clear-headed, you can use clear quartz to remove all that burdensome stress in your mind. Emotional baggage can also slow you down and cause you to become indecisive. Use clear quartz to deal with the excess of emotions in your mind and soul.

And finally, we have black agate. Black agate is an emotional balancer. Use black agate if negative or harmful emotions constantly hold you back and barely function because of these emotions. The more you use gemstones like black agate, the better the results.

Besides above three popular stones, there are many types of worry stones in the market.


How to Use Worry Stone?

press red tigers eye worry stone

Press on the stone until you calm down.

Worry stones or pocket tranquilizers are super easy to use. The best stones find their way into your hand naturally, and your hands would know what to do with them.

The indention at the center of the stones allows you to grip the stone’s center with ease. You can either press on the stone until you calm down or enjoy the softness of the texture without a miss. Some people like having something in their hands to fiddle with. It’s the same activity when you fiddle with a pen or a ring.

Fiddling with things is a natural way to release steam and to deal with stress. Again, what makes pocket tranquilizers different is their hardness and smoothness at the same time. There’s something very calming and relaxing about smooth stones. Your hand’s weight also sends a signal to the brain that you are hinged on reality and that you are not ‘losing it,’ which helps stabilize the mind.

It is said that the first worry stones came to be when the Greeks began picking up smooth stones from the Grecian coastline. These stones will eventually become the pocket tranquilizers that we know and love.

One important facet of many worry stones is that they have been naturally smoothened out by water activity. However, the ones in the market today are most likely tumbled and polished manually to bring out their natural smoothness.

Another interesting angle with worry stones is that they can connect yourself with the spiritual universe by simply using this. If we review how spiritual connections work, you need to focus on something to distract yourself from the day’s worries. This state is something that happens when you are praying or meditating. So if a piece of smooth stone is going to help you achieve this state, then that’s a good thing overall.


How to Clean the Worry Stone?

You can clean a worry stone by simply wiping the surface with a piece of cloth. If you have a more expensive crystal, check first if you can moisten it as many crystals cannot be cleaned with water as they are porous or semi-porous. Always do your research before soaking any gemstones in water or cleaning solutions, even jewelry cleaning solutions.


Worry-Stone meaning

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