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If you have been wondering how to make crystal grids for specific purposes, you are in luck. Today we are going to teach you how to make a crystal grid for beginners and to share crystal grid templates. We will also teach you how to activate crystal grids at home.

Crystal grids are used primarily to enhance or amplify the power of healing crystals.

Suppose you have been using crystals before for healing or personal empowerment. You probably are aware of how powerful they can be in manifesting desires, driving away negativity, and generally just improving one’s life. With a crystal grid, you will be harnessing the sacred geometric patterns of the Universe, and these patterns will increase the power of your crystals further.

What To Prepare For Crystal Grid?

how to make crystal grid for beginners

You only need a few things to get started with your crystal grid.

1.Find a quiet space at home

The first thing you need is a quiet space in your home. It’s best to place the crystal grid strategically. You may refer to the principles of Feng Shui or any other crystal lore for guidance.

Folk traditions about energies and mysticism can also shed light on the best places to situate crystals for various purposes. No knowledge is too archaic or mystical for use. Now that you are on the New Age side of things, it would be best to open your eyes and mind to things you aren’t used to before.

2.Write down intention

Second, you need to write your intention on a piece of paper. It’s easy to create an intention. First, focus on what you want to come to pass—the more specific the outcome, the more effective the intention.

If you want more money, you can focus on a specific outcome, like having $10,000 in your bank account. Be sure to put this outcome at the center of your mind and dwell on it with positive energies. Write down the intention on the piece of paper with a glad and thankful heart.

3.Prepare crystals


The next tool is the center crystal. The center crystal is considered essential or a “must-have” for anyone dabbling in the energy healing arts if a crystal grid is involved. The center crystal is also called the towering crystal or focus stone. Consider this crystal, the main hub that connects all the other crystals in the configuration.

We recommend getting a crystal point for the focus stone. The most common choice is quartz (any kind). It is a universal grounding stone and is used in different mystical arts to drive away negativity and generally improve the energetic purpose of a given space. Standing crystals are always a good idea, as these are stable and are just ideal as focus stones.

The focus stone should also be the largest and most prominent gemstone in the entire grid. Let’s avoid any energy imbalances by having a larger stone randomly placed in the grid.

Next in line are the support stones. There are different opinions and strategies about the support stones. The more traditional view is, you will be better off using pointed quartz crystals as the support stones. In addition to the natural healing properties and ground capacity of quartz crystals, smaller pointed crystals can also manipulate the grid to connect different points of the chosen sacred geometric pattern. You can use either six or twelve smaller support stones.

The golden rule for support stones is they have to measure 1-1.5 inches each. Buying crystals in bulk can help save you time and money. Look for loose quartz crystals, or if that’s not available, you can use tumbled stones as well.

How to Make a Crystal Grid for Beginners?

A crystal grid is driven by intention and purpose. Therefore, before making a grid, it is essential that you first determine what you want to accomplish with the grid.

Some sample intentions are:

  • We are reaching a weight loss goal.
  • Battling anxiety or depression
  • Being happier


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Find the right type of template for your crystal grid. Any of the known sacred geometric patterns can be used for various purposes. The power and purpose of the crystal grid will depend on the number of crystals and the types of crystals you use. For example, you can focus on using prosperity crystals if you run a business and love crystals if you want to enhance your relationship with a loved one at home.

Next, gather all the crystals that you need. Take note that the support crystals will have to connect all the points in the given geometric design. So you will likely need a dozen or small crystals to make the proper connections. If you can’t buy that many, we recommend working with a smaller geometric design until such time that you can start buying more crystals. This is a worthy investment, for sure.

How to Activate a Crystal Grid?

Activating a crystal grid is super easy. Once a crystal grid has been arranged properly, the next step is to activate it with your voice. But what are you supposed to say?

Verbalize your intention. Read your intention from the piece of paper that you have prepared beforehand. This will ensure that your crystal grid is properly activated. The crystal grid will be continuously working to make your intention come true in the coming days.

Whenever you see your crystal grid, we recommend that you place your hand on your solar plexus chakra and intone your intention. Be sure to affirm your intention daily and allow yourself to bank happiness and positivity into your crystal grid to make it work extra hard in bringing what makes you the happiest this year.

How Long to Use a Crystal Grid?

The minimum time for activating and using a crystal grid is at least 40 days. This is the minimum or shortest recommended time. You can continue using the crystal grid for 100 days or more if you want. You can also try creating other crystal grids for other purposes if you wish.


how to use crystal grid for beginners

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