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Are you using a crystal grid for the first time? Find out how crystal grids work and how they can be used to bring harmony and fortune to your home.


What Is Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a type of crystal orientation that allows a person to set an intention. The intention is affirmed and boosted by the positive powers of different gemstones.


What Is A Crystal Grid Used For?


Crystal grids are oriented to create the proper alignment of energies, so the right combination of powers makes the person’s wishes, desires, and intentions come true. Practitioners of the crystal grid are quick to affirm that it does work, and with the right crystals, you can make your intentions come true.

According to crystal experts, the crystal grid focuses not only on the natural but mystical energies of crystals but also on magnifying these energies.

Magnification is a huge boost to people who practice energy healing because it’s not all the time that you have an opportunity to change how crystals release energy to the immediate environment. People who have used crystals in the past will tell you that it’s not always easy to feel the effects of people’s vibrational energies.

The crystals’ arrangement is called the “sacred geometric pattern” and follows the natural rules and flows set by the Universe.

Each type of crystal grid has a footprint or pattern/pathway and produces a unique resonance that helps people in different ways. A crystal grid’s energetic pathway is also called an ‘orbit’ that has its own rules and predetermined uses.

In the context of humans and crystal grids, we use the energetic footprint of the grids to harmonize our minds, spirits, and behavior to arrive at the desired intentions. When we set an intention, the intention is a message to the Universe. The Universe answers and provides the means for the intention to come true. The crystal grid provides additional energies that clear the path for the intention to come to fruition. If you have had previous experiences with crystals, you would know that crystals also work on different aspects of a person, from the psychological to the physical. Crystals are powerful healing tools, and with the right crystals, you can truly turn things around.


What Is The Difference Between Individual Stone And Crystal Grid?

Individual crystals have specific characteristics linked with their color, origin, properties, ruling planet, etc.

A crystal grid orients different crystals so that a harmonious effect and release of energies are created. A crystal grid can be used to wipe out negative energies, reverse disease, bring good fortune, etc.


How Many Type Of Crystal Grids?

Crystal grids are essential tools for manifestation.

Manifestation is the act of using your vibrational energy to communicate with the Universe and affirm your desires. Essentially, you will be ‘ordering’ the Universe to provide you with what you want instead of randomly waiting for the Universe to respond to your emotions and thoughts.

Many people never get around to manifesting what they truly want in life because they never use manifestation. Now is your chance to change your destiny with a simple tool that will magnify the powers of your crystals at home.

There is an unlimited number of patterns you can follow, but for the most part, the crystal grids follow the shapes and points of the sacred geometric patterns.

  1. Flower of life
  2. The seed of life
  3. Hamsa
  4. Tree of life
  5. Metatron’s Cube

1.Flower of life

The flower of life is comprised of overlapping circles that provide order and balance. It is said that the Flower of Life represents the mystical and mathematical logic of all creation. Many believe that the Flower of Life is the most divine, visual representation of life. Historic genius Leonardo Da Vinci was known to have investigated the Flower of Life’s intricacies and how it relates to human life and even human consciousness.

This pattern is present in many sacred sites throughout the world, from China to Egypt.


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2.The seed of life

The Seed of Life is a smaller pattern found in the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life is said to be a powerful feminine figure that also corresponds to the constituent numbers of creation: seven notes, seven days, seven circles, etc.

Mystics believe that the Seed of Life represents all beginnings, including the beginnings of the Universe.


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This figure is alternately called the Hand of God. The Hamsa’s purpose is to protect the bearer from the Evil Eye and bring good fortune. The Hamsa figure is present in both Islamic cultural tradition and mystical Jewish traditions.

This symbol has been around for over five thousand years and continues to persist in modern traditions.


4.Tree of life

The Tree of Life is dominant in the Kabbalah or Jewish mystic tradition as a larger network of mystical beliefs. As a visual relief, it is found in ancient Icelandic cultures, which shows how our ancestors were so close to the power of nature. It is believed that the Tree of Life has also existed culturally for over four thousand years.


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5.Metatron’s cube

Metatron’s cube also represents the entirety of creation, with a special emphasis on masculine and feminine qualities and spheres. This is a very unified design that involves the Platonic solids and the five powerful natural elements. When used correctly, it is believed that Metatron’s Cube can provide much-needed healing to people.

When Would You Use Crystal Grid?

Use a crystal grid to improve your fortunes, drive away bad spirits, and the like. Gridding also helps improve the outlook of a home that has become unlivable because of the number of misfortunes it has already witnessed.


Which Crystals Should Be Chosen?

Focus on grounding crystals first to drive away negative intentions and energies, then focus on what you want to achieve. Is it a romance? Platonic friendships? Harmony? The types of crystals will depend on what kind of outcome you want.

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