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Variscite is a stunning green gemstone that is rare and is often mined alongside turquoise. How can variscite change your life with its healing properties and meaning?


What is Variscite?

Variscite stone is a type of aluminum phosphate, a green gemstone that contains water. It is a mineral that naturally occurs in various shades of green, from moss green to bluish-green.

Variscite is not used industrially, but it can be used for creating jewelry. Variscite specimens that are of higher quality are picked out and processed for mass-market jewelry. This mineral can also be used for making other kinds of ornamental items and even small sculptures.

Variscite is found in commercial quantities in different countries, from the US, Australia, Spain, Poland, Germany, and Brazil.

One of the markers for variscite is the presence of turquoise. In some instances, variscite is mistaken for the more valuable turquoise. However, with modern tests and the sheer knowledge we now have of minerals, almost every mineral on the planet can be accurately tested and identified.

Keep this in mind when collecting new gemstones as some jewelry stores are known for using false names to describe other minerals. If the gemstone’s name sounds suspicious, it might not be the exact name of the mineral, and the store is not using the correct trade name for the mineral.


What Color Is Variscite?

Variscite is known for having high color saturation. The typical variscite is yellow-green. Other specimens may show a slightly bluish tint while retaining the mainly green saturation.

Variscite is known for having an exciting color matrix that includes brownish-yellow, black, yellow, and brown.


It is often cut and polished into beautiful cabochons, and it is one of the most sought after stones for collectors. It is rare, so you should keep this mind if you are looking for variscite in regular jewelry stores. Not all jewelry stores carry them.

Another interesting fact about variscite is that it doesn’t have an apparent cleavage because of its crystalline structure forms: it forms aggregates.

Variscite cabochons usually are processed along with the matrix, so it’s common to see a combination of green and brown in variscite gemstones. You will also notice in some cases that variscite is cut and processed as doublets.

This means that after cutting, variscite is bonded to another material (called the backing) to serve as additional protection. The backing or a thin layer of reinforcing material can be obsidian, glass, or basalt. The primary purpose of the additional layer is to stabilize the material even more. The only downside to this is if the buyer is buying by weight in carat, the backing material’s weight is included in the computation.


What Are Variscite Healing Properties?

Variscite is an excellent healing gemstone and is most appropriate for emphasizing and fixing masculine traits or attributes. It is associated with various zodiac signs, including the Scorpio, Gemini, and Taurus. Below are some of the variscite’s physical and metaphysical benefits:

  • Variscite is an ideal companion gemstone for pregnant women/expectant mothers. It helps with the growth of the fetus and grants health and normal growth inside the womb.
  • This crystal improves skin health and allows for it to become genuinely elastic and flexible. A most excellent aid for people who are suffering from dry skin and other skin disorders. If you want to boost your skin health quickly, allow the subtle vibrations of variscite to heal your skin from the inside out.
  • A most excellent aid for people suffering from male reproductive disorders. Variscite’s healing energies can help restore health and vitality to the male reproductive system’s significant areas, including the prostate, the penis, and the testicles.
  • Variscite also has the most positive effect on the abdominal area. If you are dealing with any distension, use variscite to reduce pain and inflammation. This also applies to other kinds of digestive malaises that you may be dealing with at the moment. Combine the anti-inflammatory benefits of variscite with your medication to speed up healing and recovery.
  • Variscite is a natural bringer of happiness and fortitude. If you ever wanted to have a healing gemstone that can bring waves of happiness to you and those around you, you have found the right crystal.
  • Place this crystal close to your heart and allow you to reach deeply into the areas that are plagued by anxiety and depression. The crystal can help do away with anger and resentment, which will help improve your overall emotional profile.
  • Mentally, variscite works on your concentration, focus, and problem-solving skills. Long-term issues caused by a lack of ability to formulate new solutions can be remedied with crystal energy healing. The effects will manifest the longer you use variscite and associate minerals to deal with mental fog and indecision problems.
  • Variscite can also be used for past life regression and similar activities to seek information about your past lives. Channel the energies and wisdom needed to accomplish your set’s spiritual goals using this crystal.


How to Use Variscite for Oneself and at Home?

Variscite is a most beneficial gemstone for the home, so you must put variscite in different zones or spaces at home to improve harmony and happiness between those living there. We also recommend wearing it and meditating to help channel and amplify positive energies that affect the specific life domains mentioned earlier.

Variscite is linked to the heart chakra, which is the seat of all forms of love, from Platonic love to passionate, romantic love. All gemstones that support the heart chakra also support how we love and relate to people. If you are unable to relate to others and feel vulnerable to the feeling of love, then that means your heart chakra is either blocked or underpowered. How do you know if your chakras are open.

When you meditate with variscite, you open yourself to the possibilities of love once again, and you feel good doing so.

variscite meaning and healing properties

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