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White quartz is the highest healing crystal in the quartz family. Find out how you can make use of this fantastic crystal for healing and grinding.


What Is Quartz? 

Quartz is a compound or mineral that made mostly of silicon. Its chemical name is silicon dioxide. Quartz is the number one most abundant chemical compound on the surface of the earth. Despite its abundance, however, it is still highly prized, and it has many industrial and commercial applications.

Quartz is found in many locales and is naturally minded from sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, and metamorphic rocks. All quartz minerals and gemstones feature high resistance to weather and pressure.

Quartz is very durable and practical, which is why it’s used for watches and jewelry. It is abundant in many countries and is mined in high tonnages yearly.

The natural properties of quartz make this mineral one of the most useful gemstones around. It has high electrical and temperature resistance, it doesn’t budget with pressure, and it does well in different applications. Quartz ranks a seven in the Mohs scale, and of course, it is an ideal mineral for jewelry design and applications.

Quartz sand is a particular type of sand that can be used industrially. Crushed quartz produces the highest quality silica for different purposes. Such quartz can be used for producing different kinds of glass, including fiberglass. Due to the high silica quality in the mineral quartz, it is also used for creating a variety of abrasive products. In sand form, it can be used in foundries because it quickly resists heat and chemicals. Quartz sand is utilized as the ‘core’ of foundry work. When metals are being smelted, quartz sand is also used as the flux.


How Many Colors Of Quartz Exist?

In addition to clear white crystal quartz, quartz occurs in every imaginable color. However, the most common quartz colors are red, clear, green, gray, pink, purple, brown, yellow, and black. The streak of quartz minerals is colorless, and it has a vitreous luster. Quartz can also be transparent or sometimes translucent, depending on the specimen you’re holding.

Red Quartz


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Clear quartz


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Pink Quartz


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Black Quartz


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What Is the Healing Properties of Clear White Quartz?

Wearing white quartz jewelry and using quartz, in general, can help you obtain the following healing benefits (physical and metaphysical):

  • All kinds of quartz, including white quartz and the colored gems, can cleanse at different levels. White quartz can remove negativity from a person at different dimensions as well. It will remove negativity from your mind, soul, and body. If used in an energy grid, quartz can cleanse a place of toxic and negative energies as well, through the process of transmutation. Transmutation occurs when negative energies pass through powerful gemstone-like quartz, and the quartz turns all that negative energy into universal love. Love is an energy – the most powerful one around – that can help harmonize a place and even turn fortunes around if appropriately used in Feng Shui.
  • White quartz is ideal for spiritual healing. People need different kinds of spiritual healing, and quartz provides an opportunity to create a clean slate through its transmutation powers. Any ritual involving a robust shielding or cleansing stone uses white quartz or an array of quartz crystals of the same elemental family.
  • White quartz prevents you from heightening negativity in your life. This being the case, it also deflects harmful energies, so they don’t accumulate in you. When negativity is kept at bay, your mental, spiritual and physical states are protected, and you become healthier and happier.

Using gemstones like white quartz can help you understand more about yourself while simultaneously improving your health from all aspects. Negative energies can quickly produce fatigue and stress – two things that can shorten anyone’s life.

  • Wearing white quartz can significantly increase your concentration and focus. This is most excellent for people who need to study, memorize, and affix to memory large quantities of information for the application or a test. Students are going to benefit significantly from using white quartz due to the nature of their studies.
  • White quartz can help improve your ability to seize opportunities and guard yourself against harm, including physical harm and diseases. White quartz can make the body and mind more active and stimulated, and in the process, you will be able to improve yourself and protect yourself from different kinds of crises.
  • White quartz is considered the most potent healing quartz in the mineral family. It deals with energies like no other mineral. In addition to being a powerful energy transmutation center, quartz is also known for amplifying positive energies, storing them, and also releasing positive energies in a given space. Having white quartz is literally like having a positivity generator at home. It’s no small wonder that people are always using quartz for orgone generators and a home’s gridding.
  • Additional benefits of white quartz include improving the immune response of the body. A healthier immune response can significantly prolong your life and reduce instances of disease.

If you feel stressed and mostly weak these past few months, your immune response may have already been reduced by fatigue. Using the right kinds of crystals can bring your immune levels to where they were and maintain those levels.

Did you know that pairing white quartz with other quartz can amplify the gemstone’s positive effects?

Different kinds of quartz have specific strengths and powers. For example, if you are interested in boosting your relationship while improving your confidence, you can combine white quartz and rose quartz. If you feel weak and unhealthy, the right combination would be white quartz and jasper. Jasper is the most nurturing of all the quartz crystals.

The key here is to amplify all your crystals’ traits in one array and use the white quartz to spread it throughout your house. Of course, using specific sets of crystals can vastly improve your use of crystal energies for healing and abundance. Also, check out how you can use crystal-like white quartz to your advantage in business.

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