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Why is the Blue Kyanite a most popular blue crystal? What makes it different from other blue crystals? Can you use Blue Kyanite for spiritual healing?


What Is Kyanite and Its Use?

Blue Kyanite is a popular blue crystal that grows mostly on metamorphic rock formations. This crystal is reliant on high-pressure formation and crystallization. It can be found on sedimentary rocks as well, usually in gneisses and also schists. Sometimes, it can also form on eclogites and quartzite.

Blue Kyanite often presents itself as a bladed gemstone, and it is common to see large masses of Blue Kyanite. Larger pieces tend to radiate from a central point. This mineral can also be found alongside other semiprecious stones like corundum and garnet.

Blue Kyanite is notable for having exceptional durability or hardness. Typically, gemstones have just one durability rating for the entire specimen. This is not the case for Kyanite. Kyanite’s durability across its length is usually higher than its durability when pressure is applied across it or horizontally.

Parallel to the length of the gemstone, the Mohs rating can be either 6.5 or seven.

If you test the durability parallel to the horizontal axis, the durability goes down to 4.5 or 5. Yes, it’s strange, which is why its old trade name was the “disthene.” Disthene means the gemstone has ‘two strengths.’

Kyanite is notable for having many industrial applications, too. Its most notable use is the raw material for refractory parts of high-intensity kilns and mortars – basically, furnaces.

Foundries also benefit from Kyanite because it can be used as molds for molten metal. Kyanite has high heat resistance, which has also made it useful in the automobile industry and the railroad industry.

Industrial Kyanite can be used for manufacturing a type of porcelain that retains its form and shape even in the highest temperature environments.

The most commonly seen application of this unique porcelain is high-quality spark plugs. The same porcelain can also be molded so that it can be made into bathroom fixtures.

Kyanite can also be used in different abrasive products. This is possible because of the crystal’s high durability and because it is highly abrasive and capable of wearing down metals and other materials quickly. Kyanite is used in various products like cutting wheels and discs for grinders. It is ground and combined with other grinding particles in the discs and wheels.


Kyanite Colors


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Due to its numerous industrial applications, Blue Kyanite isn’t a priority for commercial jewelry production.

Kyanite may be difficult to find in regular jewelry shops. Despite the difficulty, you can still look for it because it’s a worthy addition to any collection. Blue Kyanite is tagged as an “exotic” gemstone because of the gems’ unique appearance when cut and polished.

Cut and polished Kyanite will exhibit the special ‘bladed’ appearance that cuts from side to side. Unlike other gems, Kyanite will also have a relatively flat geometry.

What about color quality?

The highest quality Kyanite is usually bright or deep blue. However, this gemstone does occur in other colors, from black to grey to green. Blue Kyanite is the most notable in the commercial jewelry trade, for apparent reasons. This class of Kyanite produces the best-looking cabochons, and blue is a universally adored color.

If we look at the sheer variety of commercial Kyanite cut and polished for commercial jewelry, we will see that the best-loved variants have a deep and almost unbelievable sapphire blue color.

Some Kyanite specimens are also naturally transparent, so they may look like aquamarine or even blue topaz if you look at them. Indeed, Blue Kyanite is a remarkable gemstone fit for every collection.

Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite is associated with three zodiac signs: Libra, Taurus, and Aries. It is an air gemstone and produces subtle energies at a low frequency (frequency level four).

Kyanite is often used to develop and explore vivid dreams, channel spiritual energies for various purposes, enter altered states, and improve creative and spiritual visualizations during meditation. Kyanite can also be used to improve one’s serenity and honesty in life and your sense of loyalty and purpose.

Kyanite Healing Properties

Kyanite serves as a natural amplifier for various personal energies. This gemstone’s high vibrational power naturally attaches to a person’s ability to express oneself, especially in the face of authority and differing views. In addition to these, Kyanite can also help establish more profound serenity in your life and honesty.


How to Use Kyanite for Healing?

Kyanite helps much with meditative efforts and attuning to one’s inner self. The mere presence of Kyanite can make a physical space more peaceful and serene – perfect for meditation.

This clearing process, which makes any space more viable for meditation, is an excellent upgrade for people who are just learning how to meditate.

Believe us, and it is going to be tough to learn how to meditate if you cannot bring yourself to that state where the mind is hyper-focused. The Kyanite will help you attain that level of focus and mastery with meditation, no matter the type of meditation that you choose.

If you are interested in developing natural psychic abilities, this gemstone can help, too. It is also doubly useful in the following:

  • Enhancing communication within groups or a household
  • Improving your ability to create or manifest the life of your dreams consciously, or your most profound desires
  • Developing your natural intuition, which is necessary for having a safer and more productive life
  • You are developing and maintaining tranquility in your life. Tranquility is a state, and the effect of how you deal with people and how you create the world are you through your energies.
  • Find your inner truth, so that you may share it with the world.


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