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Quite sure there is no kids who get excited wearing mask since COVID-19 pandemic, but this might change for end of this month. Thanks to Halloween, kids are actually excited to wear some spooky and fun Halloween face masks.  Classic Halloween theme, silly beard or a cute animal, check out our best picks Halloween face masks which function both as a protective and as a costume mask. Let’s celebrate the spooky season safely and in style.

Classic Halloween Face Masks

Pumpkin Wide Smile

Smile like a pumpkin! Wear a pumpkin smile Coronarvirus halloween face mask for a festive and fun look.


Photo source: Tough Cookie Clothing @ Etsy

Scary Vampire

Vampire costumes are a classic costume idea for Halloween. This year just because face masks are now required doesn’t mean your vampire costume is ruined, these scary vampire masks actually save your work on putting vampire make up.

Skull Face Mask

Spooky Mummy

Clown Face

Glow In Dark Halloween Face Masks

Glow in the dark mask is a perfect combo to your Halloween costume when dark arrives.

Glow In The Dark Halloween Face Masks

Photo source: Little Dumpling Arts @ Etsy

Movie Themed Halloween Face Masks

One of the popular Halloween costume ideas is inspired by hit movies and TV shows. Double up the spirit of your character by wearing one of these movie themed Coronarvirus Halloween face mask.




Photo source: American Made Love @ Etsy


Cool Prints And Patterns

Hard to find a cute print Coronarvirus Halloween face mask? We have found that for you, here are masks with a nose wire, adjustable comfy ear loops, a filter pocket or with filter.

Photo source: Charlotte Mynt @ Etsy

Coronarvirus Halloween Face Masks

Photo source: HanukDesign @Etsy

Halloween Face Masks For Kids

Cute Animal Face

Halloween face masks do not always need to be scary, a cute animal face works perfectly for trick or treat.

Silly And Fun DIY Halloween Face Masks

That look extra fun letting kids DIY their own Halloween face masks. 4 easy how-to instructions for a cat, butterfly, monster, and beard face mask from Parents.


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