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Can sodalite help in clearing your home of negativity and other toxic energies? What is sodalite meaning and healing properties?

What Is Sodalite Stone?

Sodalite is a type of blue gemstone that is well-known for its deep and remarkable color. Sodalite is commonly found in igneous rock formations where magmas cool. Magma with plenty of sodium can help form sodalite mineral. Magmas can form this crystal because they also naturally contain feldspar and quartz. Sodalite is one of the rare types of semiprecious stones, so it’s unlikely ever to encounter this crystal during prospecting or trail hunting.

What Color Is Sodalite?


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Sodalite occurs in many colors, but all within the blue and violet spectrums. The most common specimen is bright blue with some visible white veins. There’s also the violet-blue variety, which is also popular with collectors. Less frequently, you will also find sodalite gems that are colorless, red, yellow, white, green, and even grey. The streak pattern of sodalite is either bluish (in any of the possible tones) and white (which would likely mean white veining is abundant).


Where Is Sodalite Found?


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Sodalite is found only in select locales. In the United States, it is mined in Arkansas and Maine. Some sodalite is also mined in Namibia, Columbia, and some parts of Russia. And finally, some sodalite can also be found in Greenland.

Sodalite Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

Meaning of Sodalite

Sodalite is a powerful gemstone with multiple meanings and associations. This gemstone is linked to the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat chakra. How do you know if your chakra is open or blocked?

It is subservient to those born under the sign of the Sagittarius.

Sodalite is a moon crystal and is associated with the elements of air and water. It is a low-vibration crystal that produces subtle energies at frequency level four.

Sodalite can have a beneficial effect on multiple important domains, from spiritual perception, truth, intuition, clarity, balancing of emotions, enhancing intelligence, and building better logic. To have sodalite is to tap into multiple domains that matter to your family life and work to improve it.


Sodalite Healing Properties

Sodalite properties (metaphysical and physical) are formidable, making this crystal a worthy addition to any collection explicitly made for energy healing.

Sodalite is a beautiful companion for healing many health conditions, from metabolic issues to immunity deficiencies. Use it to power up your immune system and quell problems related to how the body utilizes and stores energy.

Sodalite has also been known as a powerful means of removing harmful radiation in a small physical space. You can use sodalite to shield yourself from environmental radiation and EMPs. There is proof that radiation from the environment can cause mild to moderate symptoms. Using sodalite is one of the best ways to combat this radiation naturally, and you won’t have to do anything, really, apart from wearing sodalite or keeping it close to your body.

This full crystal scan is used for the specific energy therapy of many conditions, specifically in the throat region. Conditions that affect the larynx and throat, in general, can be remedied by sodalite. Use it also for mild to moderate fevers and in instances where the patient is suffering from hypertension.

Further down the body, sodalite also dissolves common digestive malaise and issues and allows the digestive tract to function normally again. It accomplishes this by normalizing how the body absorbs fluid again. Much of the digestive malaise that we feel is usually due to dehydration. Healing crystals can help slow down or speed up the digestive tract based on its current state and improve water and nutrients’ uptake. This has a generalized positive effect on the body as the digestive tract often affects other organ systems quickly.

Sodalite also has an impact on the central nervous system, primarily on a person’s sleeping pattern. People who can’t fall asleep or are dealing with either irregular or chronic bouts of insomnia would do well with using this crystal. We also recommend gridding for the bedroom, as this generally helps in fixing sleeping patterns.

What is gridding?

Gridding is the process of cleansing a space of harmful or toxic energies. This is done through the strategic placement of crystals that can transmute negative energies into positive frequencies. Sodalite can be used for transmutation, though we also recommend using a combination of powerful crystals to ensure that your spaces at home (including the bedroom) are always free of negative energies that can harm the people in the home.

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How to Use Sodalite for Oneself and at Home?

Bring harmony to mind

One of the best purposes of sodalite is for bringing harmony to mind. Everyone experiences bouts of fogginess and confusion from toxic negative energies. If you need to remain calm and if you need peace of mind, wearing sodalite jewelry or having tumbled sodalite nearby can help improve your state of mind over time.

Improve verbalizing emotions and thoughts

You can also use this gem to aid in improving how you verbalize your emotions and thoughts. This is a massive relief for people who feel that other family members are always dominating them at home. As a result, sodalite heightens self-acceptance, confidence, and trust in oneself. These are the keystones of a happy life, so it’s essential to pay attention to these domains and adjust yourself as needed through crystal energy work.

Harmonizing in all aspects

Sodalite, being an air and water stone, is naturally harmonizing in all aspects. If you are craving tranquility at home or in the office and need a crystal that can deal with all the conflicts and common traps that prevent people from getting along, you’ve found the right crystal.

Sodalite can also be of help to individuals who feel stuck doing things they don’t want. That feeling of being trapped is likely a symptom of a person’s inability to express himself fully. Luckily, this crystal can undo the damage by enhancing a person’s capability to express himself adequately.

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 sodalite stone meaning and healing properties

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