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Is prasiolite a type of amethyst? Why do people call this green quartz a green amethyst, too? Find out the truth about this enigmatic gem today.

What is Prasiolite?

Prasiolite produces unique green gemstones and is well-known in the gem world because of its color quality. Prasiolite is the trade name or commercial name for a type of quartz in yellow-green to profound green variations. It is favored by collectors and is produced through several heating methods.


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Prasiolite Is Also Called Green Amethyst, But Why?

“Green amethyst” is incorrect naming because amethyst is supposed to be purple, and not any other color. Amethyst is well-known for producing different kinds of blue and purple tones, not green.

Amethyst is supposed to be purple color, not green.

So saying “green amethyst” is wrong. The naming may have come about because people often associate pricier minerals to semiprecious stones to aid in recall and marketing purposes.

Primary methods for producing prasiolite

There are three primary methods for producing prasiolite.


The first method is to heat-treating it. Heat-treating is the conventional method of changing the hue of many crystals.

The downside is that heating often weakens crystals, so they are more prone to chipping after. Amethyst is heat-treated to about 500°C. This causes a change in the amethyst’s internal, crystalline structure, and a green color emerges. When the purple shifts, it can also become somehow yellowish or yellowish-green.


The second method of producing prasiolite is through irradiation. Irradiation almost always produces a light green color when amethyst is treated in this manner.

The light green color is most unstable, and it will likely fade in time. This means that the color treatment through irradiation is not reliable for producing prasiolite with color that will last for years.

When the color fades, the appearance of the crystal will degrade, too.

Natural heating amethyst

And the final method for creating prasiolite is naturally heating amethyst. Amethyst can change its color depending on natural processes. For example, a rock with amethyst lode can produce prasiolite and amethyst if a lava flow passed through before. The natural heat of the lava can change the color of amethyst much.


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Now, going back to the name “green amethyst,” we encourage everyone to be watchful of sellers who use this term because it is deceptive to use the trade name or common name of another mineral even to describe a completely different gemstone. While some people would argue that it’s just marketing, we need to be careful even in marketing, especially when dealing with precious and semiprecious stones.


What Are the Healing Properties of Prasiolite?

The healing properties of prasiolite are centered on the universal metaphysical properties of the quartz family. Remember – the quartz family is vast and contains different kinds of gemstones that have unique abilities. In a big way, quartz specimens share different powers and intersect with some of their properties and abilities.


Prasiolite is linked with the heart chakra is a gemstone of the earth. It comes in transparent light green, olive green, and meet green colors, too. This gemstone is associated mainly with universal love and all kinds of love (including platonic love and romantic love).


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Promote creativity

It also enhances intuition and promotes creativity. Intuition and creativity are powerful concepts that people need most, especially when they chase down their dreams and desires in life.

Clear thoughts

Prasiolite can help you regain clear thoughts (mental clarity) and the ability to concentrate or focus on the job at hand. This can be great for folks who want to remain focused while working on different ideas and making important decisions most of the day. This crystal can also help you remember.

It bolsters the memory and allows you to encode and retain information longer. It does so by doing away with mental stressors and mental fog that are usually the cause of forgetfulness.

This is the great thing about quartz crystals – they are robust with energetic transmutation, so no matter where the negative energy is coming from, whether it be from a physical space or in your mind, it can work on the negativity and change it gradually.

If you have worked with any healing crystal before, you know for a fact that the changes are forthcoming, but they are not instant. They are generally gradual, and that’s where the real power of energy crystals come to the front. They are capable of making gradual and profound changes that stick.


Spiritual healing or psychic healing

Prasiolite is the fine crystal for spiritual healing or psychic healing. This means that it is an earth element; it can be successfully used for generating healing energies that would have a positive impact on all the chakras in question.

Yes, it may be associated mainly with the heart chakra, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot help unblock the other chakras. This is why we also suggest that you combine different crystals for maximum effect.

But if you only have a quartz crystal like prasiolite, you can just as well unblock them with constant meditation and practice.

Use prasiolite for various spiritual practices, including communicating with spiritual guides, ancestors, and those who have passed through the veil. This gem is also ideal for grounding and other vital rituals before engaging in conscious OBEs and astral projection. It is best to take precautions whenever you engage in spiritual activity, as you need to be at your best and healthiest self when traveling through the ethereal realms.

Heal body

And finally, prasiolite can also help heal the body.

Prasiolite has a close link with organs near the heart to balance and heals the thyroid gland. It can also provide healing to the thymus. If your stomach has seen better days and is continuously suffering from many symptoms, you can use prasiolite to dissolve the pain and inflammation.

Nausea can also be remedied with the help of prasiolite. Use this crystal, too, to boost your immune system and improve all your organs with some spiritual cleansing. Prasiolite can also be used to aid those who are suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression.