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What Is Tourmalinated Quartz?

Tourmalinated quartz is a type of clear quartz crystal that is crystalized or formed together with black tourmaline. The strands of black tourmaline are often seen as strands or hair-like particles or inclusions inside the quartz. It is estimated that our ancient hominid ancestors were already using it some two million years ago.


How is Tourmalinated Quartz Formed?


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Tourmalinated quartz is found in many mining locales, the biggest of which is Brazil. What makes all quartz gems interesting is they have piezoelectric properties. This means they can just as quickly conduct electricity when any amount of voltage is applied to quartz.

Piezoelectric minerals can also generate a charge upon the application of pressure or when the temperature of the immediate environment changes. Fast changes in temperature have been known to trigger the piezoelectric effect in many kinds of quartz. Microcrystalline quartz (in the case of tourmalinated quartz) is clear, with black, thread-like inclusions of tourmaline.

This mineral scores a seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it has a specific gravity of 2.65.

The refractive index of tourmalinated quartz is 1.544 to 1.553.

If you can purchase tourmalinated quartz, it is safe to use an ultrasonic cleaner as it is relatively stiff. We also advise against exposing any quartz of intense heat and direct sunlight, as both of these things can cause color problems and fade. Tourmalinated quartz is an abundant mineral and is widely used in the jewelry industry.

It is naturally distinctive and tasteful, and with its natural white and black colorations, it can be easily used for a wide variety of designs. Tourmalinated quartz naturally has unique designs, and no two pieces will ever be alike. This means when you string together cut or tumbled tourmalinated quartz, you’re going to get a distinctive and robust design, every time.


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Tourmalinated Quartz Vs. Black Rutilated Quartz

The main difference between black rutilated quartz and tourmalinated quartz is the crystalline inclusion itself.

Rutile is a type or of titanium, while tourmaline is a boron silicate.

Yes, they both have the same color, and the thread-like formations are similar, but they will never be identical to one another because they have different chemical compositions.

However, many people might be confused about their similarities in appearance, which is sometimes. A professional gemologist will assist you in identifying the right mineral when you need to make a purchase. There will also be variations in the appearance of the crystals.


Tourmalinated Quartz Meaning

Tourmalinated quartz is a type of clear quartz with notable, thread-like inclusions that make them look so unique. These crystals aren’t just beautiful; they’re also excellent for energy work and healing. The crystalline inclusions found in tourmalinated quartz are called schorl and add a dimension to the gemstone, making it even more attractive to jewelry enthusiasts, designers, and collectors.

Tourmalinated quartz is primarily a grounding crystal and is known to unify opposites harmoniously.


Tourmalinated Quartz Magical Properties

Tourmalinated quartz has many magical properties that make it an excellent first choice for people who are only beginning their journey with natural healing or gem-based healing. This crystal has a strong link to the Third Eye chakra, making it an excellent option for people born with natural psychic talents.

The Third Eye chakra not only provides the possibility of psychic talents and prophecy, it is also a critical passageway when you wish to partake of the universal wisdom and knowledge of the Universe or Source. It is the gemstone of Capricorn and is entwined with the nourishing and building powers of the Earth.


How to Use It for Oneself and at Home?

When used for energy healing, remember that this crystal provides both the benefits of black tourmaline and clear quartz. Specifically, Quartz is the most potent energy purifier in the gemstone kingdom, and it doesn’t stop, day and night, in transmuting negative energies into love. This being the case, we highly recommend using tourmalinated quartz for grid work and other similar energy practices at home.

Tourmalinated quartz can also help remove other negative frequencies that can affect your health, including electromagnetic pulses and the like.

How can this crystal help you in life?

We took a closer look at the impact of this crystal on users and those around the user. It is helpful for those who are dealing with lots of conflicts and stressors. It also shines a center of harmony and unity, which is essential if individual conflicts between people often drive space. It can help liberate people from the stranglehold of negative energies.

Negative energies can accumulate over time and can cause lasting physical, emotional, and spiritual damage to people. Use this crystal to enhance the power of your relationships and cause your relationships to become more stable. You can also use this gem to reduce the probability of fights and other conflicts and issues, which may weaken your general relationship with people.

You can also utilize tourmalinated quartz to bring balance to your yin and yang energy.

Yin and yang energy is the representation of dark/hostile forces and positive/light forces. To have happiness and vibrant life, you have to be able to balance these forces. Specific crystals like the one we have here are specialized because, based on their color (clear and black), they naturally work with and control various kinds of energies in a person’s life.

Some natural energies called “shadow energies” are necessary for universal balance, but they are more challenging to control without the proper spiritual activities. This is the right thing about people who engage in different spiritual practices – they regain control over their lives, spiritual energies, and the various universal energies that help us all control reality.