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Knowing how to place crystals in your home is vital for your well-being. For added positivity in the office and to improve the flow of abundance, we also recommend that you place crystals in your office. The proper Feng Shui crystals placement will ensure success in your life and business, guaranteed.


Feng Shui Crystals Placement

Why is it essential to place the right crystals in the right place?

The various metaphysical properties of crystals are all critical in determining the effect of Feng Shui in a home. Amethyst, for instance, is highly prevalent in different countries because of its high affinity to wealth-building. You can place amethyst in different parts of your home and even in your car.

Wearing amethyst also provides a different set of benefits to the user. The most common amethyst form for Feng Shui purposes is the tumbled amethyst. Tumbled amethyst are naturally attractive, and they fit almost any kind of arrangement.

Jade is one of the most esteemed crystals in Chinese tradition, and it remains a popular choice for people who are both beginners and intermediate practitioners of Feng Shui. Jade is often made into rings, charms, bracelets, and other items.

Jade is positively healing for the soul and the body, making it one of the most popular choices for beginning Feng Shui practitioners. When you have jade at home, your home is going to be purified and energized. Jade can also make the people at home more loving and harmonious, and they wouldn’t even know why the changes are happening.

Citrine is a warm crystal because it is linked with the Sun. The Sun provides energy, warmth, and happiness to the world. This being the case, citrine is a powerful healing gemstone and can connect easily with the Third Eye chakra. This means for people with natural psychic talents to enhance these talents easily while improving other aspects of one’s life.

Citrine is also touted as a digestive aid, as it can help quiet and calm down digestive ailments. People also use citrine to improve their athletic abilities and improve their strength in sports.

Smoky quartz is a crystal of positive energy and uplifting. Use this crystal if you want an affordable crystal that is not only attractive but provides an endless stream of subtle energies that will help you with different challenges in life. A dedicated representative of the powerful quartz family, nothing comes close to its capacity to transmute negative energies into love. Be sure to get an authentic one, because simulants abound in the market. Heat-treated simulants may not bring the same level of benefits as genuine smoky quartz.


How to choose crystals for your home?

There is a multitude of proper placements of crystals for home. The combinations below will give you a good idea as to how to do it properly.

Crystals fopr Entrances

The following crystals can help keep your home a warm and safe place. These crystals can help reduce negativity in a home and improve the harmony of the people living.

Black tourmaline



To create a protective barrier in your home to keep evil energies away, put this crystal on the windowsills and doorways:


Crystals for The Bedroom

A bedroom is a place for recovery, sleep, and relaxation. Therefore, any crystals that you place here must reflect the aim or goal of the space. In this case, you can use various calming stones:

– Amethyst


– Celestite

– Angelite

– Scolecite

Place these stones right next to your bed for instant and long-lasting effects on your bedroom’s energy profile. If you have insomnia and have a desire to improve your sleeping patterns to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer, you can use the following crystals:



– Angelite

– Lepidolite

These crystals can be placed underneath your pillow so it can connect to your aura and energetic system and bring peace and better sleep to your nights.

Crystals for Living Room

The living room is one of the most used spaces at home. Using the proper combination of crystals, you can quickly transform a gray living room into a place of wonder and happiness for the entire family. The goal of Feng Shui in the living room is to make it a hot and relaxing place for the entire family. If you can do this, your living room can easily make everyone happier, and your family will be that much more productive.

To begin the Feng Shui, place the following crystals at the recommended spots:

– Place a cluster of clear quartz at the center of the living room to ignite positive energy and transmute negative ones. Quartz is one of the most reliable gemstones for transmutation and energy filtering, so it leads the effort in cleansing the living room, too.

– Place the following either on a shelf or any side table in the living room: rhodolite and aventurine. These crystals are powerful relationship enhancers, and they can significantly improve the cycling of energy between people in a home, to harmonize them.

– Place the following on a shelf or any side table to enhance the harmony and peace at home and the relationships of anyone in the family: rose quartz and amethyst.

– Place fluorite near any workstation or computer to improve productivity and enhance focus.

– Place on any desk a smoky quartz for an extra shielding against negative energies.

– Place in your home office (or your office at work) some citrine to enhance success and wealth building.

– For better communication, we recommend wearing any of the following crystals: amazonite, turquoise, and sodalite.

– And finally, for boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence, you can also wear a carnelian, jasper, and tiger’s eye.

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