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Crystal water bottle is one of  energy healing tools, we covered the benefit of using crystal-infused bottle. But if you want to DIY your own crystal water bottle, be aware not all gemstones are safe to put into water, let’s learn which gemstones should not get wet.

Can I Put Crystals into a Water Bottle?

Yes. You can DIY a crystal water bottle, indeed, at home. However, there are some things to remember when you make the DIY crystal water bottle to make it safe for use.

The first consideration is the crystal that you are going to use. We recommend crystals that narrowly fit the bottle, but are unlikely to slip out into your mouth while drinking.

Second, there’s the composition of the crystal in question. Some crystals have heavy metals in them that are not safe for drinking when the elements or metals begin leaching out. So this has to be remembered when you’re selecting the crystal that you’d like to use for the water bottle.

What is a Crystal Water Bottle?

A crystal water bottle is a healing tool that combines the natural purifying potential of water and crystals. Crystals are used routinely for a variety of healing purposes, including the remedying of common health ailments. Crystals are also used for remedying spiritual malaise and problems, and can even be used for energy gridding.

Why People Drink from Crystal-infused Bottle?

Benefit of Drinking from Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal water bottles operate at different levels and frequencies. The three significant levels are molecular (for physical health), vibrational (for physical and spiritual health), and physical (cleansing). Essentially, you will be transferring the metaphysical properties of the crystal to the water. The crystal will be in charge of charging the water so that plain water becomes natural, healing water that you can drink any time of the day.

The benefits of healing water depend on the type of crystal that you use.

For example, a rose quartz water bottle would have an intense and effective frequency mainly linked to heat and love.

miranda kerr with rose-quartz-crystal-water-bottle

Miranda Kerr drinks crystal infused water with rose quartz. (Image from Koraorganics blog)

The water will keep you romantic and inspired and help inspire more romance in your current relationship. This type of crystal preparation is also ideal for people who are suffering from emotional traumas. Drink the water to ensure that you can deal with individual traumas and balance your emotions.

can amethyst go in water

Can amethyst go in water? Yes. It can make you peace and calm.

Drinking infused crystal water can improve your courage, stamina, and focus. It can also help improve insomnia and regularize sleep patterns, as they should be.

Amethyst water, on the other hand, is for people who need more peace and calm in their lives. You can also use this type of water to find a balance and focus in life. If you continuously need to make quick and critical decisions in life, this is what you need.

Is there any potential harm in drinking from a crystal water bottle?


Practitioners of naturopathic medicine are clear on the safety of crystal bottle waters. There is no significant harm in consuming it.

However, experts do advise that people should be careful about what kind of bottle that they use. The crystal should also be safe to place in a vessel with drinking water. There’s also the potential risk of smaller crystals being dislodged from the safety of the bottle. Smaller crystals may become a choking hazard, so be careful with them.


What Crystals Should Not Get Wet?


Like what we discussed before, not all crystals can be safely placed in water to create crystal water bottles.

The ones that must not be placed in water are the ones that are iron ores such as geothite, magnetite, hematite, and pyrite.

These minerals not only contain elements that are dangerous if ingested in large amounts, but there is also the possibility of rusting, which is terrible if you want to ingest something from a bottle.

Some minerals are fine for general energy practices, like meditation and healing, but are dangerous when their elements are consumed.

Some of the more toxic minerals that have no business being ingested are stibnite, pyrite, malachite, actinolite, etc. Some gems leach out things like lead and asbestos.

Malachite produces copper, which is fine in tiny quantities. However, too much copper can also lead to health problems, so it’s best to steer clear malachite. Other crystals that also pose the same risk include halite, azurite, lepidolite, gypsum, fluorite, tangerine quartz, and selenite. Ulexite and turquoise are also inappropriate for crystal water bottle projects.


What Crystals Are Safe to Put in Water?


Many crystals can go in water, and you won’t expect them to leach anything out.

According to crystal experts, you can use black obsidian, aventurine, clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, carnelian, rutilated quartz, jasper and tiger’s eye. You can also steep citrine and moonstone. Carnelian can be used for all freshwater preparation, but it must not be made to interact with saltwater in any form.

Be noted salting your water is also a bad idea in general as there may be interactions that may not be safe for your health.

Reminders for DIY Crystal Water Bottle

Creating a usable DIY crystal water bottle at home is safe, as long as you follow the basic guidelines.

  1. There is no shortcut – you have to research the crystal or mineral that you want to use for the water bottle. There might be a risk of picking up a crystal that isn’t appropriate for the kind of use that you need.
  2. Some crystals can rust and leach out elements that may be harmful to the body. Minerals that produce trace elements like copper are sufficient for the short term, but should still be avoided for crystal water bottle preparations.
  3. In general, minerals with a Mosh scale hardness of at least six are good candidates for review. Meaning, these are probably crystals that won’t leach out harmful elements, but you still have to check if they can be soaked or steeped in water for a long time. Again, it would help if you did some research before you can safely create a DIY crystal water bottle.



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