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Having a fresh belly button piercing is going to require changes in the way you do things and your general lifestyle. Here are some specific guidelines on how to take care belly piercing and reduce risk of piercing infection. Also, we also covered how to choose belly piercing jewelry.

Belly Button Piercing Aftercare

A pierced belly button will feel somewhat painful and itchy in the coming days. These sensations are healthy, and they merely indicate that the skin is reacting to the metal, and the healing process has begun. If the jewelry feels too tight and the piercing feels too uncomfortable just days after the insertion, we recommend going back to the professional piercer to be re-evaluated.

In some situations, it would be better to have the jewelry removed and replaced with something longer, so the jewelry does not press against the wound. Sometimes a person’s skin becomes taut, which can work against a piercing created on the abdominal area.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a belly button piercing is secure. For regular cleaning, use unscented soap and some warm water. Simply wash the area and use some soap to remove any crusting. Remember to use soap that is not scented. Shower gels and body wash are not allowed.

The pierced area must also be soaked in saline solution for at least ten minutes every day. Saline solution can be purchased online. If you can’t buy a saline solution, you can create your own by combining eight tablespoons of salt with roughly two US cups of water. Brace yourself, because, in the beginning, it will string because the open wound is fresh.

Do Not Swim


Avoid swimming in public pools and other places where there are other people as you mostly have an open wound.

Seek Medical Attention If  Your Fresh Piercing  is Infected

If you see signs of infection, there is no other recourse but to seek medical attention. You can consult with a physician or visit your local ER to tell them about what you are experiencing. A physician will be able to tell you what to do. The recourse is different depending on the situation. Sometimes the physician will simply tell you to keep the barbell on. Other times, the physician may say that it would be a better idea to leave it on simply.


How Long Does It Take for a Belly Piercing to Heal?

Belly button piercings need a few months to close fully. In some people, complete healing only takes place after a full year of proper care. It is different for each person.

How to Choose Belly Button Piercing Jewelry?


We recommend that you invest in high-quality jewelry for your belly button piercing. This is not the time to be skimping on the quality of the jewelry.

You have many choices, but the ones we recommend are surgical-grade stainless steel barbells, surgical-grade titanium barbells, niobium piercing jewelry, 18k and 14-karat gold jewelry. These metals are the most hypoallergenic materials around.

Using hypoallergenic jewelry is also essential because the last thing we want to happen is for your body to reject the piercing jewelry.

Allergic reactions run the gamut from itching to localized swelling. These symptoms do not help the healing process and can also be the cause of long delays in the complete healing of your wound.